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HR & Talent

HR and Talent in the 21st Century

In recent years, operating as a successful HR or Talent leader has become more challenging than ever before with the increase in organisational change, promoting operational complexities and a growing level of external competition leading to greater business demands. Despite the barriers, HR leaders and Talent leaders continue to persevere with ensuring they remain strategic in meeting business demands. In consideration of these factors, this paper works to review the primary micro and macro challenges that have confronted HR leaders and Talent managers over the last few years and the strategies they have adopted in response to these changes in the working environment.

Understanding how HR leaders of today can effectively meet future business needs and resist the impact of both internal and external challenges is critical for success. We interviewed HR and Talent leaders from national and global organisations to understand the themes:

  • The HR and Talent agenda is being challenged by several internal and external forces.
  • We are living in a VUCA (Volatile, unpredictable, Complex and Ambiguous) world.
  • Five external macro and five internal micro challenges impact HR and Talent.
  • HR and Talent need to clarify how their talent strategy is being driven by their business strategy.