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Assessing Talent

What are Assessments and how can they be used? The advantages and best practice of Assessment Processes.

Some of the most important decisions for an organisation are its ‘people’ decisions, who are at the heart of organisational success. People are the driving force of innovation and progression, and in the current market it is more important than ever for organisations to continually develop to maintain their relevance and competitive position. Assessments help organisations to achieve this through better decisions in hiring, placing and developing talent, ensuring the alignment of talent with the business objectives and vision for the future.

In this research, we have worked to understand the advantages that assessments bring to organisations, for them to be used effectively and to facilitate the continual growth and development of organisations.

By combining our experience of working in talent and assessment for 20 years with research into best-in-practice techniques, this paper presents an objective view into the use of assessments within organisations. We looked at currently used assessment tools and techniques and conducted interviews with global organisations, to understand the benefits that organisations can leverage through assessments and found:

Zircon’s review into assessing talent found that:

  • Effective assessment helps organisations make better ‘people’ decisions during the recruitment, selection, development and retention of talent.
  • Assessment results in increased success of new hires and an assurance that individuals are the right fit for the organisation and the role
  • Assessments have continuous advantages in employee learning so that the workforce has the right skills to be successful.
  • Assessments assist organisations to streamline employee development, retain top talent, help in career planning and target areas for improvement in the organisation.
  • Organisations must have a clear talent and assessment tool and strategy in order to progress and be successful.