Psychological Safety

Diagnostic assessment to learn how individuals feel and to see if the environment and climate encourage psychological safety.

Reveal the Level of Psychological Safety

Assess how safe people feel when speaking up and sharing ideas, challenging the status quo, making decisions, reporting errors and admitting mistakes.

Diagnose the Psychological Safety of Teams

Diagnose the environment and climate of psychological safety at a team level, across teams and throughout the whole organisation.

Link Psychological Safety to Culture and Climate

Understand the broader implications of the environment and climate of psychological safety at a team level, across teams on ways of working across the organisation.

The BeTalent Psychological Safety questionnaire was scientifically researched and designed to understand how prepared people feel within their organisation or team to speak up, challenge, ask questions or innovate and to explore the steps you can take to increase the environment of psychological safety.

How does it work?

Users complete a secure 15-minute questionnaire or digital card sort exercise. A full interpretive report identifying an individual’s or team’s level of psychological safety, with positive and negative indicators. The report has suggestions for increasing psychological safety to help identify and build strategies for success.

Become a BeTalent
Psychological Safety Practitioner

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Reports and Card Sorts

The Psychological Safety questionnaire produces the following interpretive reports: Personal, Team and Group. Prices vary.

The Psychological Safety Digital Card Sort produces a Personal report.

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Kristen McNamara, Delynn Senna & UK GWEN
Senior Talent : Robert Half

Amanda, thank you so much to you and your team for delivering such an inspiring and insightful Psychological Safety session to our UK GWEN members. We really appreciate the time spent messaging something so important to our teams.


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The Chief Psychology Officer Podcast is hosted by Dr Amanda Potter and with her colleagues they explore the topics of workplace psychology and conscious leadership.

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