We work closely with our clients to define the specific behaviours and skills required to recruit, develop and grow the talent in their organisation and make their businesses highly successful. Using this information we create high potential Assessment events that are firmly grounded in the client’s business strategy and drivers and are therefore uniquely positioned to predict which ‘high flying’ individuals will bring real future value to the organisation.

Our business knowledge is combined with sound psychological models to design robust Assessment processes that our clients can be confident will select the right person for the job. Our Talent and Assessment model uses emotional intelligence and learning ability, which research has shown are far superior predictors of an individual’s ultimate potential.

We design and deliver talent and Assessment centres to suit a wide range of needs and budgets. Whilst our first choice is to recommend bespoke exercises tailored specifically to the organisation, industry, role and/or future need, we also have a range of off the shelf exercises which can be adapted if required.

Assessment Services
Talent management and Talent assessment
Restructure assessment
Recruitment assessment
High potential assessment
Job analysis
Competency design
Behavioural exercise design
Application and CV screening
Assessment centre facilitation
In-depth one to one psychometric assessment
Leadership potential and motivation interviewing
Validation and statistical analysis

To find out more about Assessment get in touch via the website contact page, send an email to or telephone Sarah directly on 07813 712121. We look forward to hearing from you.

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