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What we do

Designing Bespoke Assessment and Development Events

At Zircon we design and deliver bespoke Assessment and Development processes to identify an individual’s experience, personal attributes, knowledge, capabilities, strengths and development needs. We enable organisations to identify and develop the right people for future business success.

Senior Level Assessment for Recruitment and Succession Planning

At Zircon we combine our sound psychological knowledge, with our business knowledge, to support organisations with the recruitment and Development of their future leaders. We work closely with our clients to define the specific behaviours and skills required for the future.

Identifying and Developing High Potentials

At Zircon we assess both current performance and potential, in order to identify ‘high flyers’ within the organisation to bring real future value. Once high potential individuals have been identified we create unique personal Development plans to ensure their progress.

Executive Coaching

Zircon as a group is committed to coaching and ongoing personal Development. We specialise in Coaching for Leaders, Executives and people in management roles across all levels of organisations.

Team Conflict and Development

At Zircon we believe that team work is a strategic choice and not just “a nice to have”. We develop bespoke team Development events based upon the teams individuals needs and the organisations long term strategy.

Who we work with

For more information please contact Dr Amanda Potter, Managing Director on amanda.potter@zircon-mc.co.uk or 01737 555 862. www.zircon-mc.co.uk

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