Public Speaking

Dr Amanda Potter and Sarah Linton are passionate about speaking at conferences and events in order to raise the profile and communicate the importance of identifying, assessing, developing and retaining talent. In other words, making sure that a company’s talent assessment and management processes know where their best people are, how to hold on to them, and where the next generation is coming from.

Some of the topics Amanda and Sarah have presented include:

• HR and Talent in the 21st Century
• What is the Future of Talent Management?
• Are Competencies enough? What does the future look like?
• Boardroom Potential
• Inspirational Presence
• Best Practice in Executive Coaching
• The Psychology of Talent

By presenting regularly at varied events and conferences, the significant findings that have been found can be accessed by a diverse range of people. This helps promote a change in an organisation’s mindset and facilitates an increase in healthier organisations for the future.

Some of the events and Conferences at which Dr Amanda Potter and Sarah Linton have presented include:

• CIPD Buckinghamshire, 2010
• BioIndustry Association, 2011
• Association of Business Psychologists Conference, May 2012
• PwC EveNet Talk, October 2012
• CIPD, Manchester, November 2012
• CIPD, London, December 2012
• BPS Division of Occupational Psychology Conference, January 2013
• Learning and Skills Conference, Olympia London January 2013
• CIPD, Olympia London, April 2013
• CIPD, Manchester, November 2013
• Learning and Skills Conference Olympia, London, January 2014
• CIPD South London, Croydon, March 2014
• ABP Conference, Reading, October 2014
• TMA High Potential Conference, London, January 2015
• October 2015 – ABP Conference – Inspirational Presence
• December 2015 – European Coaching Conference – Is success dependent on being Inspirational and having Executive Presence? Can they be coached?
• March 2016 – HR Tech – Excel – Understanding the link between the Psychology of Talent and Talent Analytics
• April 2016 – Engagement Summit – Inspirational Presence – the Art of Engagement
• July 2016 – Talent Forum – Psychology of Talent
• October 2016 – Winning Attitude Presentation, ABP
• November 2016 – Winning Attitudes, Customer Engagement Summit

Amanda has received outstanding feedback from her presentations. For instance, over two thirds of the CIPD London attendees thought Dr Amanda Potter was an excellent and/or good speaker. Amanda presents in a manner that encourages people to learn, leaving the presentation having acquired knowledge that is unique and informative.

Some of things people have learnt at Zircon presentations are:

• Differences/Similarities between Capability and Competency. How it is embedded (or not) in some organisations.”
• “What the researcher found out from the study, the importance of defining key areas of a talent approach and ensuring engagement = results”
• “Current Trends and Update on Talent Management Practices”
• “I am armed with a bit more knowledge and research when I go and talk to clients about people development”
• “It has inspired me to think of the TM strategy and practices of my organisation – in particular the language used and stigma’s attached to certain buzz words, and measuring it’s success.”
• “I will take the advice of the speaker in terms of putting into action how we measure talent and implement a talent strategy through the HRBPs.”

If you would like to invite Dr Amanda Potter or Sarah Linton to speak at your event please contact Sarah Green on 0208 645 0222

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