Zircon Associates

Zircon Associates

Zircon manages a professional network of over 120 associate consultants’ with skills and experience in occupational psychology and human resources. It is this team that successfully provides our clients with a flexible resource to deliver assessment and development assignments within the UK and abroad.

Our selection process is designed and applied to identify those individuals who have proven experience and expertise, demonstrating the desired behaviours set out in our competency model.

Communicating with Impact

Confident communicator, open and enthusiastic and inspiring confidence in the listener. Asks the right questions and ensures their own and others understanding. Active listener

Drive and Resilience

Remains calm and positive despite setbacks or frustrations. Takes personal accountability for delivering high quality consultancy and always performs to professional standards, even in changing or difficult circumstances.


Has a positive approach to changing circumstances and demonstrates flexibility according to the requirements of the project task and client

Attention to Detail

Pays attention to detail, presents information in a clear and readable format. Has the ability to read and assimilate information quickly so that it may be used effectively and knowledgably when making decisions

Analysis and Decision Making – Using Behavioural Evidence

Objective and thorough approach to assessment; identifies relevant evidence and integrates data from various sources where appropriate. Makes decisions that can be substantiated with clear and factual data. Follows initial information gathering with more in-depth probing when necessary.

Following Policy and Procedure

Understands the importance of policies and procedures and can explain the implications if they are not adhered to. Must be able to read, understand and be able to follow procedures quickly and accurately.

Driving Personal Development

Hits the ground running and adds value to the project, situation and/or client relationship whilst still learning. Actively seeks feedback, never becomes complacent and always looks for the next learning opportunity.

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