Client Testimonials

Some of our Client Testimonials

Steve Hill General Manager
Executive Coaching

“The Strengths based coaching and facilitation approach using the Unique Strengths questionnaire has had a substantial impact and helped raise the standards of the team in GE Power factories, Dawn has been truly remarkable at getting to the heart of the issues and understanding the strengths and energisers for the team. It is refreshing to focus on what works, rather than what is broken”.

Naysah Firoozmand Managing Director – Scandinavia
Talent Assessment Training

“Thank you for a great day of Unique Strengths, Values Fit and Decision Analysis accreditation training, very impressive and hugely insightful. Thanks again to you, Sarah and Catherine for putting on such a great day”

Jennifer Rhule Head of OD
Team Development

“The Talent Assessment Team Diagnostic has helped us at Royal London better understand the existing culture within teams their strengths and where to develop. It has helped us create a climate for open dialogue, so we can understand how well we align with our values, how our teams perform together and how we interact”

Danella Snashall Head of Learning and Development Europe
Executive Development

“We invited Zircon in to support Global Payments with the development of our Executive Population. As part of this, we selected the tools that would help us to identify the Strengths and Values and capability of our leaders. Our leaders particularly loved the Inspirational Presence® tool. They really benefited from the ability to get feedback from their peers, colleagues and reports on their executive presence and impact and their ability to inspire, engage, and empower their teams and divisions. The group report was incredibly insightful and allowed us to identify the group development required for future success”.

Craig Wymant Global Head of HR
Talent Assessment

“Since my Talent Assessment accreditation training, we have used the Strengths Talent ID card sort exercise to identify the Strengths and potential gaps in the team. We used the strengths cards to understand what we enjoy doing at work, how we would like to work together, and how we could more effectively work with each other. I now plan to use the online Strength card sort exercise with future potential candidates to assess how their strengths will compliment ours and how well they will fit into the team”.

Claire Molin Organisational Development Manager
Talent Assessment

“We invited Zircon to help us to identify our most talented people from across the whole of the organisation. We used the High Potential Indicator to find the people who fit with our future talent requirements, to understand their strengths and what makes them great, and understand what they can offer our organisation. The High Potential Indicator is a light touch way of reaching all employees, which worked well for us. We didn’t want to limit our search to the top layers of the organisation and wanted to uncover the hidden gems from across all 8 levels of our organisation. I would recommend the product because it is designed on the basis of robust research, however can be tailored to the specific goals and needs of the organisation. We identified our top 35 talented employees with great potential and fit for the future of our organisation from a population of over 1500 employees as a result of this process”.

Sarah Barrick HR Director
Talent Assessment

“We recognise in American Express the importance of recruiting and retaining our most talented people who have the same values and aspirations as ours. The Talent Assessment system will help us to achieve this goal. In particular, I have been very impressed with how accurate the Values Fit® questionnaire is in assessing people’s values. I have found it very useful to open up conversations about values during the interview process, which can shorten the time required at screening”.

Rozanne Davis Head of Fruit
Assessment and Development

“Many thanks for your guidance and advice, it was lovely working with you through the Talent assessment process, and I am feeling very motivated about my development going forward. I particularly appreciated identifying my strengths and understand how I can enhance those strengths to support my team and my peers”.

Gill Martin Head of Learning and OD
Talent Assessment Accreditation

“I really believe in the Talent Assessment products. I have been trained in the whole suite of 12 products and particularly like the Unique Strengths tool and the Holistic Interview. By using these two tools it will really make my life a lot easier when I am identifying talent”.

Andrew Cruttenden Senior Manager
Team Strengths

“Myers Briggs, Unique Strengths and Values Fit were central to our team away day. We found that the three tools gave as a good insight into the preferences, strengths and values of our team, how we each differ from each other and how we are alike. We now know what our collective strengths are as a team and where we have gaps and therefore the areas that we need to continue working on.”

Dawn Lewis Head of HR
Assessment and Development

“Having worked with Zircon across a range of projects, I was consistently impressed with the level of professionalism, expertise and support that they provided. Amanda and the team quickly understood our needs and our culture, and designed approaches that were appropriate. It was unusual to use a formal assessment process in the business, but we felt it was important, not only in order to ensure we had the most appropriate candidate, but also to provide substantial feedback and development to internal candidates whether or not they were successful in being appointed. The Zircon team were able to work with me to ensure that the assessment approach was appropriate for my business, both in terms of outcomes and cultural match. I have always felt fully supported in working with Amanda and team, and consider them an extension of my own team. They have continued to be my first port of call when I need specific expertise in the field of talent”

Paul Bantick Speciality Lines
Executive Coaching

“Over the past year I have found coaching with Amanda invaluable on a work and personal level. Amanda always gets to the core of an issue, helps you see things in a different way and develop real action plans to address any situation. The positive changes to the way I run my team are clear to see and I am now ready for the next step in my organisation and career.”

Catherine Ross Leveraged Finance Group
Executive Coaching

“I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Amanda in both a series of group strategy workshops and then on a one-to-one basis as part of a six month leadership coaching programme. In both environments I was extremely impressed with Amanda’s quick and accurate deduction of the ‘real’ issues at hand and her ability to guide both a group and me as an individual towards considered, productive solutions. Amanda’s style as a coach is open, supportive, constructive, encouraging, directive where necessary and always business focused. I have learnt a great deal from our sessions which I will take gratefully into my future career”.

Lucy Brennan Director of Strategic Content
High Potential Talent Conference

“I had the pleasure of working with Amanda recently when she spoke at TMA’s High Potential Talent conference. Amanda has an open and engaging speaking style that resonated with our delegate audience. The content of her presentation was excellent and delivered unique insight into talent strategy. I would highly recommend Amanda as a Speaker.”

Jake Gamble Head of Controlling & Treasury
Executive Coaching

“I have been working with Amanda over the last nine months with a focus on developing my personal leadership skills. Amanda’s open and engaging style ensured that a strong sense of trust was established at the very first meeting which has continued throughout the subsequent sessions. Having quickly established some key objectives, Amanda has taken me on a journey of discovery, which has not only challenged and changed the way that I have operated in the past but has also equipped me with a whole host of new tools and techniques to make me a much better leader going forwards. It has been hard work at times, but the progress that I have made has exceeded the expectations that I had at the start of the process. It has been a real pleasure to work with Amanda and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who wants to become a much better leader.”

Paul McGill Operations Director
Leadership Assessments for Succession and Development

“I found working with Kathy and Amanda from Zircon a positive, professional and personally rewarding experience. The feedback and discussion sessions were particularly productive and I now have a greater understanding of my development needs. During the second session with Amanda, I took a few hints and tips away which I subsequently used in a meeting later in the week and I was astounded by the transformation that had taken place in my confidence in this forum. I would not hesitate in recommending Zircon and would definitely use their services again.”

Hilary Tysoe Divisional HR Director, General Merchanting
Leadership Assessments for Succession and Development

“I sought out Zircon’s services following an introduction through Helen Smith, the Travis Perkins Group Leadership and Organisation Development Director. We were looking to assess a select group of Travis Perkins senior management for the purpose of succession and development, and wanted to use a robust process incorporating psychometrics. Amanda, Harriet and the Zircon team were attentive to the Travis Perkins vision, aims and culture and subsequently designed and delivered a bespoke assessment process that fitted our needs and expectations. The team were professional and highly supportive of each individual going through the assessment depending on their experience of such situations and expectations of the process. During the feedback and development conversations, the Zircon assessors and coaches invested significantly in this process to ensure that everyone who took part gained valuable insight and tools for their future development. I would highly recommend the team’s services and hope to work with them again soon.”

Alan McConville Regional Director
Coaching and Development

“I was introduced to Zircon in December 2013 and met with Amanda in January 2014 as part of my development plan. The way Zircon set out the assessment programmes was well structured, easy to follow and complimented by a fully supportive team (even between Christmas and New Year). Amanda’s natural and welcoming style is fantastic, this is supported by a strong focus on Amanda wanting ‘you’ to be the very best you can be. Amanda supported me in putting together a robust personal development plan to take forward. I have no doubt that when required Amanda will be there to support and give guidance.”

Lucy Bond Regional Resource Manager
Assessor Resourcing

“It was my first time booking Area Director assessment and Katie Bissell was fantastic, it was so easy. We were very impressed with the reports and how accurately it represented the people – we could have just used just the reports to make our decision with nothing else the reports were so good. I enjoyed working with Zircon.”

John Foy Head of Leveraged Finance
M&G 2014 Team Activity Review

“Amanda and team responded quickly and positively to a short-notice request for an extensive and potentially complicated team activity review. The range of issues facing the team were grasped quickly and an agenda compiled in short order to support a resulting offsite. Amanda’s approachable (but when necessary direct and candid) style ensured the team felt at ease and that we made best use of the day itself. Amanda and Harriet catalogued the issues raised at the offsite accurately and with an extremely quick turnaround enabling a discussion around next steps to be taken, such that momentum could be maintained in the process. I’m confident that, with Amanda’s help, we can complete the team review and come up with a commercially-focused output to help streamline our business processes going forward.”

Paul Marsden Pearson Change Director
Pearson Development & Restructure 2013 Project

“The project team worked extremely hard to meet all our requirements for this project. They ensured to provide a flexible and adaptable service to meet our every need as the project evolved, maintaining constant communication from beginning to end. The meticulous delivery significantly contributed to the success of the project, with Zircon providing a project director, project manager, and project coordinator throughout to ensure nothing ‘slipped through the net’.”

Carolyn Leitch Lead Organisational Development Consultant
360 Degree Facilitated Feedback

“I engaged with Amanda and Zircon through a colleague who had worked with her previously. I found working with everyone at Zircon very easy. They quickly understood our requirements, our language and the models we already work with to deliver the results we needed. Amanda and her team managed the project very efficiently and gave us useful insight. Our leaders were positive about the facilitators who worked with them and felt they acted very much as an extension to Royal London. Thank you to the team.”

Hannah Foster People Director, Pearson Global English
Pearson Development & Restructure 2013 Project

“Thank you to Heidrick & Struggles for introducing us to Zircon and for making this very challenging project possible. We gave the team tough deadlines, strong requirements and high standards to achieve. The team were professional and responsive and provided a credible, reliable and well-organised service, which undoubtedly complemented their detail focus and broad experience within talent assessment and management. As a result the Zircon team developed a bespoke, in-depth assessment design which clearly aligned with the future needs of Pearson, enabling the selection of high potentials to drive the development and restructure of our business.”

Mel Bird Delivery Office Director
Executive Coaching

“I was first introduced to Amanda whilst working at HSBC and later drew on here expertise in my role as a Director at WorldPay. Her specialism in Psychology, experience in working with a range of complex organisations coupled with her business acumen and high EQ make her a compelling choice as an Executive Coach. I found Amanda’s coaching to be direct, respectful and challenging in an empathetic way which enables growth and success.”

Laura Higgins Head of Business Management Team, Fixed Income
Strategic Away Day

“Zircon, and Amanda in particular, came recommended to me through other work she had done within my organisation. Facilitating for a strategy away day, I found her to be engaging and encouraging whilst always ensuring that it was my team that lead the process. In preparing for the day Amanda helped structure my thoughts and objectives and came up with a fast paced but achievable agenda. Materials were clearly presented and notes from the event were promptly delivered back to me so that the real work can begin ! My team commented that the team exceeded their expectations and Amanda was key to that success. I would very much welcome the opportunity of working with her again.”

Ian Webb Head of Enterprise Sales
Executive Coaching

“I worked closely with Amanda for around 9 months on a personal development and coaching programme.

Amanda’s natural style is what made the development so impactful for me; never afraid to challenge and push me into areas that mattered, and always able to refer back to previous comments and anecdotes to link my thought processes together, Amanda really helped accelerate my learning in my first ‘managing managers’ role.

I would strongly recommend Amanda to anyone looking to challenge themselves where you want to develop skills you previously thought beyond you.”

Simon Tattersfield Head of Development
Executive Coaching

“I was lucky enough to be introduced to Amanda in late 2012 when I was looking for someone to help me drive through a couple of ‘sticky’ developmental areas. Amanda’s open and engaging style quickly enabled us to develop a strong sense of trust; in no time, her toolbox of skills had helped me quickly unpick the things I was wrestling with and get to an exceptional result.

Thanks Amanda – top stuff and you can add me to the growing list that are grateful for your professional support.

For those reading in, I can wholeheartedly recommend Amanda to support you in your development aspirations. Challenging, but in a pragmatic and supportive way, she is a great partner in a coaching relationship and I would be happy to provide a more complete recommendation to anyone that wants it.”

Sophie Peskett Global Resourcing Manager
Global Assessment Audit

“We recently engaged Zircon, to assist us with creating a Selection & Assessment framework, for use within the global Resourcing teams at Invensys Plc. Throughout the process, Zircon demonstrated real expertise in this arena, and the communication and management of the project was second to none. I would highly recommend Zircon to any business, who is looking for advice within this space – as we have been very satisfied with the end result.”

Richard Whitehouse Factory Director
Executive Coaching

“I cannot stress how useful my two coaching sessions with Amanda were to me, my career and to my company. As a new director for a high pressure manufacturing business which is transitioning through a massive period of change, I had severely underestimated the stress and pressure that would fall on myself and the business. Change is, after all, painful! After the first session, which was very hard – please don’t think of this as a soft process – I found I had far greater clarity of what was needed to be done, both changes to make in my behaviour and how to manage both down and particularly upward. The second session developed the techniques and the elements to build into my action plan to move forward and the benefits of this were visible from the next day! – and not just to me, but to my peers, my teams and my bosses. I won’t pretend all is now perfect, but I will say that I now know what I don’t know and thus can learn and I am definitely moving forward. I absolutely recommend this process and Amanda of Zircon”.

Victoria Campoamor Director of Operations
Executive Coaching

“I have worked with other coaches in the past, and this time I was looking for someone I could relate to, and I definitely found that in Amanda. She provided the right balance between empathising and gently pushing boundaries to get the best of me, and at the end of working together I felt I had achieved more with Amanda than with any other coach I had worked with. I had found ‘pure coaching’ a bit frustrating in the past and had asked Amanda for a flexible approach, switching between coaching and mentoring or advising as appropriate, and she did just that, providing the exact balance i needed. At the end of our work together i felt more self confident than ever before, totally ready to take on any challenges”

Allison McCall Leadership & Organisational Development
Assessment Audit

“Dr. Amanda Potter offers thorough, well-researched and objective analysis on psychometric assessments used in a corporate environment and can do this on a global scale. She and her team are delightful to work with and I would highly recommend her for similar work in other corporate settings”

Gill Martin Head of Learning and Development
Leadership Capability Design Project

“Amanda and her team at Zircon worked with us to design a Leadership Capability Framework. From start to finish they were responsive to our needs and quickly gained an insight into the complexities of our business. We were looking to work with a consultancy on a partnership basis so we would gain skills in the process and own the framework produced. Amanda fulfilled this completely, sharing her knowledge and expertise while being receptive to our ideas and embracing them or challenging them as appropriate. Energetic, passionate and professional, Amanda was also fun to work with!”

Gary Peters General Manager
Executive Coaching

“I have just been fortunate enough to complete a coaching programme with Dr Amanda Potter which I can honestly say has been incredibly beneficial to both my business and personal life.

The programme has been invaluable in assisting my development and been instrumental in preparing me for the next step in my career. I would have no hesitation in recommending Zircon and look forward to working with Dr Amanda Potter  again.”

Sam Eddleston Occupational Psychologist
Area Manager Development Design Project

“We recently worked with Louise Simpson of the Zircon team to develop a assessment tool to aid the development of our Area Manager population. Louise did an excellent job of managing the project, working with stakeholders and has designed an ingenious tool which looks professional, is bespoke to our business and has received extremely positive feedback from its pilot”

Paul Wesley HR Director
Personal Development Programme

“Our business is fast growing and we needed our staff to take more ownership of their professional development. Amanda suggested two of her most experienced consultants in this area. Martin and Dirk understood quickly what we wanted to achieve and provided an engaging and informative series of workshops for us. The feedback from our team has been excellent. Our team was amazed by how psychological theory and models helped them to understand how they could achieve their potential.”

Joanna Rout Head of Resourcing, Development & Employee Engagement
HR Team Development Programme

“I was recently fortunate enough to work with Zircon on a development programme for our HR team to develop good practice in Assessment and Development Centre design.

The programme was highly engaging and very practical which really suits our business. Amanda has a great ability to draw on her academic knowledge and translate it into practical and business focused solutions.

We have since engaged Amanda to undertake a further piece of work and I am confident we would use Zircon for future requriements. I would not hesitate to recommend Amanda and have thoroughly enjoyed working with her on the recent projects.”

Ruth Swales HR Business Partner Direct and Nicola Atherton Project Portfolio Manager, Strategy Delivery, Direct Banking Change Team
Recruitment and Assessment Programme

“Amanda, Kathy and team have delivered a fantastic new recruitment & assessment programme for us. They quickly understood the brief, researched requirements and have consistently delivered at pace against very challenging time scales with great communication, planning and efficiency.”

Ian Hebb Learning and Development Manager
E.ON Finance Competency Framework Project

“Amanda Potter, Jim Bloomfield and Julie Lee from Zircon were commissioned to lead the design and development of a behavioural competency model for the E.ON UK’s Finance function. Zircon’s professionalism and expertise was evident throughout the duration of the project. Their approach was thorough and insightful at all times, and through an extensive stakeholder dialogue process, the critical behaviours to help successfully differentiate the future Finance function were discussed and clarified. On all occasions that I attended meetings and teleconference calls I found Zircon’s professional staff to be credible, reliable, well organised and prepared to challenge existing thinking. The completed behavioural model, provided fresh ideas and a clear focus for the future. Zircon has created a competency framework which is meaningful, providing both guidance and also clarity around expectations for role transitions. Defining the future requirements from the 1st person perspective, I think it plainly underscores the expectation of personal accountability for these competencies.”

Michael Venus Senior HR Business Partner
Assessment Centre Design Training Course

“The assessment centre design training course was really helpful, we really appreciated Amanda’s commercial and pragmatic outlook which is not often found in a psychologist..!!”

Ian Martin Head of Manufacturing and Partnerships
HSBC Insurance Assessment & Restructure Project

“We used Zircon to support our transformational change program of demising one set of roles and replacing with another. Zircon helped with the design and execution of the multifaceted program to assess and appoint candidates into the 30 new roles. Zircon also supported individual coaching for both successful and unsuccessful candidates based upon the results of the assessments.

In my view, Zircon added very significant value in the program and were key to us achieving a very successful outcome. They were creative, flexible and professional throughout and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.”

Eric Wiles Head of Finance
Assessment Process Design and Delivery

“Eversholt Rail (UK) Ltd recently appointed Zircon to design and deliver a bespoke assessment process, for the assessment of a group of shortlisted candidates, for the role of Financial Controller. The Zircon team co-delivered the assessment event with us, they were both professional and efficient, delivering the assessment reports, within 24 hours of the event, in a concise and informative way. The assessment process was extremely supportive and helpful enhancing our ability to identify the right person for the role”

Nadine Lagarmitte Managing Director Head of Financial Institutions, Payment and Cash Management Europe and Africa
PCM Team and Individual Development Project

“Thank you very much for an insightful discussion and feedback session. I do want to comment on my overall experience over the team meeting and this session . I have had many different leadership trainings over the past years in different companies but I felt that the task you where given by Tim and Serita was certainly not an easy one and you and Julie Lee challenged all of us and facilitated the meeting extremely well, with very well prepared individual work . The flexibility, energy and follow up of the service has been outstanding. I am glad I have met you and once again thanks for the feedback and your professionalism.”

John Morgans Director
E.ON Finance Competency Framework Project

“Zircon was asked to develop a behavioural competency model for the Finance department within E.ON. The Zircon team took time to understand our needs and interviewed 65 key stakeholders to identify the key business drivers and future challenges for E.ON. From this, Zircon developed a strategy document regarding the future requirements of the Finance business leaders and role holders. Once these had been defined, Zircon developed a straw model of the four levelled competency framework. They worked closely with us to review and refine the model, ensuring that it clearly reflected the language of our business. At all times Zircon were flexible in their approach as our objectives changed and evolved. As a result the Zircon team developed an aspirational competency model which is clearly aligned with the future needs of the business.”

Tim Dabson Executive Director – Beneficiation
Team Development Programme

“Zircon put together an extremely valuable team development day for us. The thorough preparation undertaken beforehand helped to ensure the session was effectively targeted and as relevant to our workplace as possible. The style and content of the session itself were tailored extremely well to suit our business needs and methods of working. Zircon were able to help us build on existing skills while also providing new insights. I have already seen the benefits of the workshop in real life workplace interactions and I would definitely use Zircon again as they exceeded our expectations and left us energised and prepared for the challenges ahead.”

Mike Lewis Project Manager
Senior Branch Leadership Programme Assessment Process

“Amanda and Richard worked hard to understand our business requirements, and were also very responsive to feedback. In addition to this the feedback from assessed candidates was exemplary, and the whole of the team came across as extremely professional”

Tony Price
Head of Business

“I have just completed 8 sessions with Jim Bloomfield which have been extremely useful indeed. I have to say that initially I was sceptical about the method and following the first meeting really questioned whether I would receive any benefit.

I had no previous exposure to this technique and took a while to understand that Jim was not there to provide me with answers. Rather he served simply as a facilitator for me to discuss and theorise about the issues I was dealing with both professionally and personally.

Jim and I agreed goals at the start of our sessions and then we focused on how I would achieve those goals, although the ideas were always my own rather than suggestions or advice from the coach.

Through these meetings I was able to create a work life balance statement. I was required to share this statement with family and friends in order to cement a commitment and I have been able to integrate this into my routine which has been life changing.”

Ann Deacon People Strategy, Corporate and Structured Banking
High Performance Development Programme

“Kathy Mearing and her team at Zircon worked with us in the Corporate segment within the Commercial Bank at HSBC UK in developing a number of our key high performing managers. The process worked efficiently and well and the output has helped us in our forward planning as well as the development of each of the individuals concerned. I would recommend Kathy and Zircon as an excellent partner to work with. ”

Emma Jeffries VP Global Organisation Development
Leadership Development Project

“Amanda and her team have consistently provided me with expert support, advice and consultation in the development and assessment of leadership talent within Iron Mountain. With great flexibility and a focus on results I would not hesitate to recommend Zircon as a business partner in this area”

James Allardice Head of Sales Development – HSBC Insurance UK
Restructure Programme

“Dr Amanda Potter works in a detailed and conscientious way to understand the, often complex, needs of her clients in order to deliver a business focussed solution. She and her team provide regular updates and guidance and all of their activities have been completed to a high standard within the agreed timelines. Dr Amanda has been involved in a challenging restructure and she has provided very valuable support personally, despite a broken leg(!) and this has meant that we have been able to make informed decisions. Thank you”

Samantha Maddick Head of HR
Leadership Assessment Programme

“We have recently worked with Zircon to complete the first phase of our Leadership assessment programme. Throughout the project Zircon were extremely professional, demonstrated strong technical knowledge, and quickly grasped the business context. Combined with their adaptable approach, the results were tangible and of significant value to our business.”

Joe Garner CEO
Talent Development Programme

“Amanda and her team were genuinely insightful and helpful in assisting us with developing our talent.”

Helen Charles HR Manager

Designing a new selection process for Customer Advisors

“The selection process designed by Zircon has been very successful for our organisation. PC World Staples Corner recently needed to fill 14 Customer Advisor vacancies. After receiving the application forms the store invited 60 candidates to complete the online psychometric test and questionnaire. On the basis of these results, they invited 16 candidates in to interview. The Store successfully recruited 14 of those 16 interviewed which is an 88% success rate at interview.”

Carole Driver Business Psychologist
Assessment Design and delivery

“Amanda and her colleagues have a detailed knowledge of psychometrics, and have supported our training and assessment activities over the past year. Zircon’s top qualities are their Expertise, Good Value & High Integrity.”

Tony McKenna Managing Director
Design and delivery of competency based assessment processes

“Zircon supported us with assessing and recruiting our Operations Directors. This was a massive appointment for us because it was the step we needed to take our business to the next level. They identified the behavioural competencies critical for success in our business and recognised the need to bring in an entrepreneur who is self reliant, self-managing and takes responsibility for delivering client success. Zircon gave me the confidence to make the selection decision knowing that it was made on the basis of objective criteria. We have the confidence that we had thoroughly tested the candidates and got the right people.”

Steve Korniotis Area Premier Manager
Course Design and Delivery

“Thank you very much for your hard work in delivering all the courses. The course was extremely well run and the content was very helpful. We will all be putting this into practice straight away. ”

Gerlinde Christian Talent Development EMEA
Development centre design using using 360 degree methodology

“Zircon’s ingenuity, flexibility and interest enabled us to make something quite unusual happen. It has been absolutely inspiring to work with you and we hope for more opportunities to work together in the future. It is rare to find people who can play with ideas like Beckham with a football, and you are definitely one of them.”

Rachel Richardson Group HR Director
Global Employee Engagement Project

“Amanda and her team at Zircon partnered exceptionally well with us to deliver a great piece of engagement research, analysis and interpretation for the Sportingbet businesses. Throughout the project Zircon were extremely professional, demonstrated strong technical knowledge, and quickly grasped the business context. Combined with their flexible and responsive approach, the results were tangible and of significant value to our business. She and her colleagues produced a series of focused reports on our capabilities, engagement strengths and development areas and team differences. She demonstrated high levels of statistical and analytical skill. Zircon handled the process seamlessly and did what they said they were going to do at each stage. A pleasure to work together.”

Nigel Sargent IT Director
Leadership Development and Coaching Project

“Iron Mountain was introduced to Zircon through a glowing reference from a delighted client, but what struck me at the outset was Amanda and Zircon’s subject-matter knowledge, commercial acumen and dedicated client-centred approach. We hired Amanda and her team in the summer of 2008 where they very quickly realized significant value by designing and rolling out a Development Feedback and Coaching programme to the Account Management leadership team. Time was of the essence as we were keen to gain real traction to ensure our leadership team was fully engaged and ready to deliver to the aggressive growth agenda. The results of the programme were a testament to Amanda and team’s professionalism, dedication and expertise in this field. The assessments were undertaken within a demanding schedule to a high professional standard both accurately and to a high integrity. The ongoing feedback, development and coaching is exceeding the originally agreed goals. Personally, I am very much looking forward to continue working with Amanda and the Zircon team for many years to come.”

Jacky Griffiths Head of HR, CMB
Spinnaker Sailing for Development

“Amazing and surprising that we were actually sailing in Cowes as a competitor, how fantastic” were the words spoken by Noel Quinn, the General Manager HSBC Commercial Banking as he fed back on the sailing experience with Zircon. We had used zircon to help us facilitate our top team leadership development programme and this was a fantastic way to kick start the journey. I feel that the team benefited hugely from this and I have a good platform to focus the remaining offsite days on. Thank you Amanda for dropping me that initial email advising me of this opportunity. An experience not to be missed.

Mina Begum HR Manager
Spinnaker Sailing for Development

“Thank you for an amazing day; I had a great time meeting everyone and learning the basics of sailing. It was really good to learn about myself and how I work within a team in high pressure situations. Jim and Pip were fantastic teachers, never raising their voices but getting across the urgency of a situation.”

David Flower Head of Service and Sales, Business Banking
Spinnaker Sailing for Development

“A great day out – combining practical teambuilding, leadership and communications, networking with people from different industries, the enjoyment of sailing and the adrenaline from competing against the other crew”.

Paul Luen Managing Director

“Amanda was quite simply brilliant in her delivery of a first class service to assess candidates we were considering employment. She handled the whole process seamlessly and did exactly what she said she was going to do at each stage – rare indeed! She is engaging and I consider her an expert in her field. I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone considering using her services. A pleasure to work together.”

Noel Quinn General Manager, CMB
Commercial Banking Leadership Development Programme

“Money well spent.”

Dr Janet Barker Learning Development Consultant

“Dr Amanda Potter provide a detailed bid when required within a very short timescale. She showed excellent understanding of our needs and delivered all requirements to a high standard. We would be happy to use her and her team again.”

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