Consulting Client Testimonials

Some of our Consulting Client Testimonials

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service. Below is a selection of some of the fabulous feedback we have received and we would be delighted to provide any further information about the many projects we have successfully delivered.

Keith Hobson Chief Operation Officer
Assessment and Development for Succession Planning

“We engaged Amanda and the Zircon team to help assess candidates involved in the long term succession planning for an Executive Director. They designed a process specific to our needs and then implemented in a highly professional way. The outcome provided a comprehensive view of each individual to supplement the information we already had. Working with the assessor we were then able to develop individual plans for each person. This allowed each one to take full advantage of their identified strengths and also, by using coaching combined with specific project work, to strengthen development areas. I would have no hesitation in recommending Zircon as a partner in any Talent Development programme”

Dr Andrew Hill Director of Talent Management
Providing Assessment and Development Consultants

“When we reviewed the project, I tried very hard to get some constructive criticism for Zircon. Unfortunately all the feedback was positive. In particular the administrators and associates found your guys flexible, professional, prepared to take time and provide practical tips to improve the process, great ‘chatters’ and of course great to work with!”

Jackie O’Doherty Managing Director
Conducting in-depth psychometric assessment for recruitment

“Ellis Jay Consulting has worked in partnership with Zircon on the delivery of a number of key recruitment assignments, across the Private & Public Sectors. Zircon fully supported our recruitment exercise with outstanding technical expertise. The dedication and professionalism we received, resulted in our Clients’ receiving a seamless, first class selection and assessment service. We will certainly be working with them again.”

David Young Director
Co-Designing and Delivering Talent Projects

“Sarah delivered the psychometric assessment element of an assessment event I led and found her to be an excellent partner for this. Very professional, knowledgeable and responsive. Will definitely ask her to deliver further work”

Harry Colledge Lead-Rail and Surface Transport
Assessment Centre Delivery

“Dirk was well suited to the assignment, both in expertise and personality. He related well to the diverse population in TfL and focused on achieving the objectives of the project. He was creative in coming up with new ideas, operated well within the team and demonstrated that he was very interested in learning and development.”

Andrew Davidson Consulting Manager
Spinnaker Sailing for Development

“The Spinnaker team building day with Zircon and Spinnaker Yachts was fantastic. Jason and the team helped identify areas where we could improve on our team building skills as well as understand the ropes on the yacht. I would highly recommend this approach to anyone thinking of bring a team together to work effectively as one, as well as improving self-awareness and your own strengths and skills used on the day to transfer into a work context.”

Nick Stephens CEO
Spinnaker Sailing for Development

“Thank you for an amazing day and introducing Spinnaker to RSA. The RSA leadership team and our clients thoroughly enjoyed the day, and had a great time meeting everyone and learning the basics of sailing. It was really good to learn about myself and how I work within a team in high pressure situations. You, Jim and colleagues were fantastic teachers, engaging, inspiring and challenges to work as a team and lead each other through the challenges”

Geoff Trickey Managing Director
Spinnaker Sailing for Development

“Three PCL staff spent a quite fantastic day with Amanda and Spinnaker Yachts – yacht racing during Cowes Week!!?? (which is hard to believe even now!). The event was very exciting and, for a novice at the sailing game, a really terrific experience. Amanda did a great job; professional, organised and attentive – as well as demonstrating her advanced nautical skills! Don’t miss this if you ever get the opportunity.”

Chris Small Principle Consultant
Flying a Boeing 737 Virtual Full Flight Simulator for Development

“Swapping the usual Monday morning emails, phone calls and meetings to take up the controls of a 747 jumbo jet was more than just a welcome change of scenery. It was a chance to step into a completely alien environment with the 100% removal of existing comfort zones. At 35,000 feet, with no experience of flying, alarm bells ringing and warning lights flashing you start to strip your communication, leadership and decision making skills down to their most basic, void of expert knowledge and experience. This was not only a fantastic opportunity, but with the expert facilitation from Zircon it provided the chance to really learn something about yourself in a safe, yet tremendously realistic, stressful and ultimately enjoyable environment…Thank you Zircon.”

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