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Emotional Intelligence at Work within the Financial Industry

October 9th, 2014

Emotional Intelligence, otherwise referred to as EI or EQ involves the ability to recognise your emotions, understand what they are telling you, and realise how your emotions affect the people around you. EQ is also the ability to recognise the emotions of others. Therefore, having high EQ enables a greater understanding of yourself and others, allowing you to manage relationships more effectively. As a result, high EQ is associated with occupational success, resistance to stress and greater resilience and optimism (Mayer, 2008). Emotional Intelligence has become increasingly investigated within the areas » Read more: Emotional Intelligence at Work within the Financial Industry

My Work Experience at Zircon Management Consulting Ltd

October 3rd, 2014

Approaching the start of my third year as a Psychology undergraduate, I wanted to confirm my decision about the area of psychology to specialise in and gain some experience to have under my belt when I graduate. After researching various occupational psychology companies, I found Zircon, having stumbled upon a blog written by a previous intern. Having read further about the company, their products, services and organisational culture, I decided Zircon was a great organisation with which I would love to gain some experience. » Read more: My Work Experience at Zircon Management Consulting Ltd

Zircon Business Psychology Internship

July 16th, 2014

As a studying MSc student I was pleased to learn about the opportunity to intern with Zircon Consulting through my Programme Director. This firm was of particular interest because their practice and expertise is in the area we were studying precisely at the time, Performance Appraisal and Talent Management.

I reached out to the team with a letter of interest and curriculum vitae only to be efficiently walked through the initial » Read more: Zircon Business Psychology Internship

What are the Characteristics of Successful HR Leaders?

July 11th, 2014

The Zircon 2013 research found that a successful HR/Talent Leader should:

• Pragmatic and decisive
• Commercial, numerate and business focused
• Holistic, entrepreneurial and externally focused
• Credible, consultative and professional
• Open minded, innovative and visionary » Read more: What are the Characteristics of Successful HR Leaders?

Identifying the Right Candidate for the Role

June 12th, 2014

Why Assessment is Key

Within Zircon we recognise that retaining the right talent is fundamental to success. The first part of this is attracting and identifying individuals who possess the capability, skills and behaviours to drive results and deliver strategy. Identifying the right person for the role is crucial, particularly as bad hires can be difficult to recognise. A candidate can look great on paper without necessarily being the right person for the job. » Read more: Identifying the Right Candidate for the Role

My Occuptional Psychology internship at Zircon

May 7th, 2014

I’ve come to Business Psychology later in my career than others, but 2 years ago (and after a career break to look after my children) I decided to undertake an occupational psychology masters to build upon 15 years working in IT and management consultancy. I’ve nearly finished my masters now – just the dissertation to complete.

In late 2013, I saw an advert for the Zircon Internship and I thought that sounded like a great opportunity to better understand the craft of Occupational Psychology and gain some hands on experience. » Read more: My Occuptional Psychology internship at Zircon

Learning and Skills 2014 Conference Video

April 10th, 2014

Our Zircon Director Sarah Linton recently presented the findings of our latest research “HR and Talent in the 21st Century” at The Learning and Skills Conference 2014.

HR and talent leaders are fundamental in managing these organisational changes. In order to identify how HR and Talent leaders can work strategically within the changing climate Zircon interviewed 39 HR and Talent leaders, from national and » Read more: Learning and Skills 2014 Conference Video

Practical Ways to become a Good Manager or Leader

March 25th, 2014

The Zircon team have been researching the key differentiators of long term success for managers and leaders. These differentiators of success contribute to our talent assessment research and modelling. One book that particularly rang true was the book ‘Likeable Business: Why today’s consumers demand more and how leaders can deliver (2012)’ authors Kerpen, Braun & Pritchard suggests that there are 11 practical ways in which to become a better manager and leader. » Read more: Practical Ways to become a Good Manager or Leader

Zircon Occupational Psychology Internship

March 21st, 2014

Well, my time at Zircon Management Consulting as an intern has come an end.

It has been a lovely experience where I have learnt so much and have been made to feel a part of the team right from the moment I arrived.

Being a recent MSc Occupational Psychology graduate I knew that I had to build on my lack of experience within this field and was so encouraged to hear that Zircon Management Consulting recognises the need for work experience placements for current students and graduates. Seeing this made me browse the website to find out » Read more: Zircon Occupational Psychology Internship

Developing Talent: The Highs and Lows

March 6th, 2014

Within Zircon, we recognise that the identification and development of key business talent is fundamental to business success. However, it is our experience that whilst most organisations realise the importance of talent development; there is often a mismatch between an organisation’s desire to implement a strategic talent management strategy and the needs and requirements of the business strategy. As a result, talent management and the people agenda is not always high enough on the business agenda. » Read more: Developing Talent: The Highs and Lows