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Wash Ups

February 20th, 2015

For the past 15 years Zircon have been working with clients to design, implement and validate Assessment Centres (ACs) for recruitment, development and promotion. There are two types of AC; Traditional Assessment and Development Events and Executive Assessment and Development Events. Traditional Events are where each assessor sees a number of candidates by assessing different candidates in every exercise whilst Executive Events are where the assessors stay with their candidates throughout the exercises and therefore see them develop, change and grow throughout the event. » Read more: Wash Ups

On the Shoulders of Giants

February 12th, 2015

Personality research and in particular the research into Individual Differences has played a central role in the history of British Psychology. Especially in Britain, this area of personality has been dominated by the contributions of two of the most prolific and well-cited psychologists in the world – Hans Eysenck and Jeffrey Gray. Eysenck’s tripartite division of personality (the Giant Three model) was a launching point: Extraversion (E), Neuroticism (N) and Psychoticism (P). » Read more: On the Shoulders of Giants

Walk and Talk!

February 9th, 2015

We are often reminded of the benefits of exercise, which researchers continue to investigate. Some of these benefits include: positive mood states (Craft and Perna, 2004), lower levels of anxiety and depression (Stephens, 1988), and lowered risk of numerous chronic diseases (Blair and Morris, 2009). As indicated, the benefits are both physiological and psychological, and so exercise, it seems, is as good for the mind as it is the body. Here at Zircon we embrace this in our unique approach to coaching which couples the benefits of exercise with those of coaching. An approach which has shown to be both effective and popular with our clients. » Read more: Walk and Talk!

Work Experience at Zircon is NOT About Making Tea!

February 6th, 2015

I joined Zircon for a busy two week internship having recently completed my MSc in Occupational Psychology. I applied for the internship with the intention of getting some hands-on experience as a graduate Business Psychologist and to gain insight into the realities of being a Business Psychologist. Given my lack of such experience, I had many unanswered questions about the realities of life beyond my qualifications in Occupational Psychology, and more specifically about what exactly it looks like to be an occupational psychologist; something which I am aiming towards. » Read more: Work Experience at Zircon is NOT About Making Tea!

MBTI Step 1 Conversion Training

February 3rd, 2015

In conjunction with OPP, Kingston Business School are able to offer MBTI Step 1 Conversion Training. It qualifies you to use MBTI Step I, one of the most widely used personality questionnaires, in a short time frame.


MBTI Step I training will equip you with the skills and knowledge to use this versatile tool, which provides individuals and teams with a powerful understanding of their own and others’ personality style. During this BPS conversion course you will » Read more: MBTI Step 1 Conversion Training

My Internship with Zircon Management Consulting

December 24th, 2014

As a third year Psychology undergraduate, our university offered us the opportunity to undertake a yearlong placement in industry. Unlike most I decided to split this into multiple placements, ensuring a breadth of experience in different psychology rooted roles, as a consequence, helping me to develop my skill set and eventually decide on a future career path. Over the past 3 months I have been lucky enough to be interning at Zircon Management Consultancy. I was encouraged from the start by Zircon’s professional interview method for the work experience role, the detailed vetting process they employ » Read more: My Internship with Zircon Management Consulting


December 12th, 2014

Over the last 5 years, Zircon has received an overwhelmingly positive response to the Trainee Occupational/ Business Psychology work experience role. Due to this we have decided to begin offering year-long placements working in industry for undergraduate students enrolled on a sandwich course. We are offering long-term placements for up to 40 weeks to a year work experience as a way to increase knowledge and acquire extensive hands on practise in the industry. Zircon facilitates a safe, open environment for students to work closely with business professionals and develop their skillset with confidence. » Read more: APPLY FOR A PLACEMENT YEAR WITH US

The Dark Side of Personality

November 20th, 2014

At Zircon, we pride ourselves on Talent Management, Consulting, & Assessment; directing our efforts to attract, select, recruit, and develop top-quality candidates to align with the strategy and business objectives of our extensive client base. A major avenue in attaining this goal is by understanding ‘personality fit’ – the fine alignment between a candidate’s combined qualities and the needs of our clients. By carefully evaluating the ‘fit’ of an individual, we provide the optimum calibration between client requirements and candidate skills. » Read more: The Dark Side of Personality

Work Experience Opportunities for Trainee Business Psychologists with Zircon

October 10th, 2014

Job Description
Zircon are offering opportunities for trainee Business Psychologists to get work experience.

Zircon are offering opportunities for Trainee Occupational/Business Psychology students and graduates who are looking for unpaid work experience placements. We are offering between 2-4 weeks work experience as a way to complement the MSc, to increase awareness and exposure to the field of Business Psychology. We offer an ideal place to gain experience within the specialist field of talent management at our offices in Coulsdon, Surrey. » Read more: Work Experience Opportunities for Trainee Business Psychologists with Zircon

Emotional Intelligence at Work within the Financial Industry

October 9th, 2014

Emotional Intelligence, otherwise referred to as EI or EQ involves the ability to recognise your emotions, understand what they are telling you, and realise how your emotions affect the people around you. EQ is also the ability to recognise the emotions of others. Therefore, having high EQ enables a greater understanding of yourself and others, allowing you to manage relationships more effectively. As a result, high EQ is associated with occupational success, resistance to stress and greater resilience and optimism (Mayer, 2008). Emotional Intelligence has become increasingly investigated within the areas » Read more: Emotional Intelligence at Work within the Financial Industry