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New Research: What Does It Take To Be A Winner?

August 2nd, 2016

  • Psychological study interviews Olympians and Entrepreneurs, identifying 10 key attributes of Winners in sport and business.
  • Reveals critical role of failure and response to adversity

Whether it’s businesses responding to the challenge of Brexit, or athletes going for gold in Rio, this summer is one where the difference between winners and losers has never been starker.

Understanding the mental qualities required to be a winner is the subject of new research published today by business psychology and talent management specialist Zircon Management Consulting.

The study, Winning Attitudes – What does it take to be successful is based on interviews with Olympians, Paralympians, sport coaches, CEOs, entrepreneurs and entertainers. It reveals that there are 10 Winning Attributes typically shared among those at the top of their game.

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Euro 2016: 10 qualities needed to win it

June 9th, 2016
By, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Spain won Euro 2012 – Photo by, CC BY-SA 3.0

International footballers are more likely to be winners at Euro 2016 if they possess the mental capacity to become champions, according to new research.

The psychological qualities that contribute towards success – whether it is on the football pitch or in the boardroom – are the subject of research currently being carried out by Zircon Management Consulting.

Led by Zircon’s CEO, Chartered Occupational Psychologist Dr. Amanda Potter, the study seeks to establish what it takes to have a “Winning Attitude” in the areas of Sport, Business and Media & Entertainment.

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Seven reasons why Boy George is an Inspirational Leader

February 13th, 2016

Boy George The Voice Inspirational Leader

Dr. Amanda Potter on how Boy George is proving to be a truly inspirational leader as a judge on The Voice.

Growing up in the early 80’s with the wonderful music of Boy George and Culture Club, I was always impressed with George’s ability to make people feel good about themselves.

Having now watched Boy George as a judge on BBC One’s The Voice, I am once again impressed with him, but in a totally different way.

Since joining the show for its current series Boy George has demonstrated so many of the qualities of an Inspiring Leader. He brings real integrity and balance to The Voice, demonstrating compassion and consideration for the contestants, while also bringing a positive equilibrium to the judging panel.

His attitude and approach has had a positive impact on the panel; gone are the days of in-fighting and competing; the judges are now helping each other to succeed.

An Inspirational Leader – as our own research shows – is someone who is a role model for others to follow. They are visionary and future-focused, and are also passionate, engaged and committed to success.

Their personal belief, integrity and drive inspires and empowers others to achieve and deliver high standards of excellence.

Boy George is a great example of this. In fact, he demonstrates the seven characteristics of an Inspiring Leader:

  • Integrity – He has authenticity and the ability to express and remain true to a clear set of ethical and moral principles
  • Charisma – Boy George has immediate presence, gravitas and confidence
  • Driven – His personal desire and thirst for success is apparent, encouraging contestants to adapt and change to succeed
  • Visionary – Innovative and intuitive, he seeks to break down barriers and challenge the status quo
  • Inspiring – Motivated and positive about the future, his enthusiasm helps others realise their potential and develop their own self-belief
  • Engaging – He is an effective communicator, askingquestions and then listening to get to the heart of issue
  • Passionate – He shows a real enthusiasm for the business, taking pride in his music, sharing this excitement whenever possible

When being a judge on The Voice, Boy George acts and operates with integrity as he considers the impact he has on the contestants and his fellow judges. He does this with charisma and charm. He is always smiling, he is positive and passionate about his subject: namely, the music and the artists.

The former Culture Club frontman always takes time to encourage the contestants and to see their potential. He has drive and vision. He is always interested in the contestants, asking questions in order to engage them and show interest. He inspires them to see the opportunity to learn, to grow and to succeed.

How many leaders like that do you have in your business? Do you have potential Inspiring Leaders like Boy George that have yet to be identified and developed?




Why you should want to hire a ‘Spiky’ Leader

October 1st, 2015

Strengths, also known as energisers, are the things that we do well and find motivating and energising. We use our strengths to achieve our objectives, sometimes without even realising that we are using them.

This blog challenges the traditional “vanilla” method of assessment that requires leaders to be good at everything and promotes the “spiky” leader profile where leaders excel in their strengths but have allowable weaknesses. » Read more: Why you should want to hire a ‘Spiky’ Leader

What are your Core Personal Values?

September 14th, 2015

Within Zircon we agreed that Tenets, also known as personal values, are a set of broad preferences reflecting a person’s sense of what is “right or wrong” or what “ought to be”. Tenets (or values) are inherent to how an individual behaves, how they are guided and how they interact with others. Values are something that a person has, believes in, or owns. Tenets influence both attitude and behaviour. » Read more: What are your Core Personal Values?

Does 360 feedback really help to Improve performance?

July 18th, 2013

Does 360 feedback really support performance development and improvement? Within Zircon, we design and implement qualitative (interview based) and quantitative (survey based) feedback for clients and find that when the 360 respondent is engaged and committed to the feedback, the process can produce significant results. » Read more: Does 360 feedback really help to Improve performance?

More Mr Nice Guy – Why ‘Nice Companies’ Can Be More Successful

April 26th, 2013

Within Zircon, Dr Amanda Potter and her team of Occupational Psychologists are constantly working hard to remain up-to-date with current research within the realms of Occupational Psychology. Being a specialist organisation in Talent Management, Zircon are aware of the growing importance of having successful leadership and a flawless reputation to their clients. » Read more: More Mr Nice Guy – Why ‘Nice Companies’ Can Be More Successful

Happiness and Success: A Linear or Circular Relationship?

April 19th, 2013

Are positive people more successful or are successful people more positive?

Within Zircon we work with our clients to identify the critical success factors and differentiators of success for their employees. When discussing success, it is often presumed that success in life stimulates the onset of positivity and happiness; however a recent article written in the Appreciating » Read more: Happiness and Success: A Linear or Circular Relationship?

The Role of Stress or ‘Eustress’ in Coaching for Performance

March 14th, 2013

An article, recently written in the Harvard Business Review (Schwartz, 2012) addressed the importance of stress and pressure, in order to encourage development and enable individuals to reach their ultimate potential. As Business Psychologists and HR leaders at Zircon Management Consulting, we began to consider how this idea fits with our ways of working and what we promote as a business. » Read more: The Role of Stress or ‘Eustress’ in Coaching for Performance

ABP Surrey Networking Event – September 2012

September 27th, 2012

Are you psychologically fit?

As our summer brings itself to a blissful close and we approach the next period of, the ABP Surrey networking event, let’s cast our thoughts back to the humans and super humans of the Olympics and Paralympics who furnished us with accomplishments and exploits. While we sit and are amazed at their achievements, this alone does not get them over the finish line or solely impact on how they perform. A critical component is how their mental agility or psychological makeup impacts on their success. » Read more: ABP Surrey Networking Event – September 2012