Going Green

Our Commitment to Going Green

It is really important as an environmentally minded firm that we contribute to the following:

We maximise our energy efficiency. We close all doors and windows when it’s cold outside, and we have draught proofed and insulated our premises. We make sure lights, machinery and equipment are switched on only when necessary and have some energy efficient lightbulbs. To find out more about energy efficiency visit Energy Saving Trust website.

We look for ways you can reduce our water use and test for leaks. According to research by Envirowise, a dripping tap can waste up to 5,000 litres of water per year, costing up to £700. Simply changing a washer can solve the problem. Follow this link for more information on how you can conserve water http://wateruseitwisely.com/100-ways-to-conserve/

Many of us work from home. We encourage our Directors to book multiple meetings when travelling to any destination to minimise fuel usage and generally, look at ways to limit our company vehicle use.

We are gradually buying more environmentally friendly vehicles. The tax incentives introduced in this year’s Budget benefit firms that purchase cleaner, more fuel-efficient models.

We recover and recycle. We use the blank side of redundant documents or stationery instead of binning them. We only print documents when necessary. We never send letters when emails will do. We re-use padded envelopes and other packaging we receive. We make sure our waste is suitably separated so that metals and paper can be recycled.

We dispose of waste properly. We make sure the person collecting and disposing of it does so at a site that is licensed to accept the type of waste your business generates.

We email manuals and training courses or put them onto data stick. We therefore make our training courses more environmentally friendly. Where possible we use environmentally responsible materials and recycled packaging.

According to research from the Carbon Trust, an average office-based business wastes £6,000 per year by leaving equipment on at weekends and bank holidays.

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