Is Authenticity a Value, Capability or a Strength?

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At Zircon, Dr Amanda Potter and her team of Occupational Psychologists have been asking the questions – “Is Authenticity important at work?” and “Is Authenticity a Value, Capability, Competency or a Strength?”

Is Authenticity Important at Work?

Should you bother to ‘be yourself’ and be authentic at work? A study by Oliver Robinson (University of Greenwich), Frederick Lopez and Katherine Ramos (University of Houston) explored the extent people vary the expression of their ‘authentic self’ across the four social contexts ‘with partner, friends, parents and co-workers’.

They found that ‘Expressed authenticity’ was highest in the partner context, followed by friends, then parents, and lowest of all at work. Indeed, only ‘authenticity with partner’ emerged as a significant predictor of well-being and life satisfaction. The results suggest that authenticity does positively relate to well-being however it is present the least often at work with co-workers.

These results are surprising when so many organisations are striving for their leaders and managers to be authentic in the work place. Indeed our research of the FTSE 100 and Fortune 100 organisations found that authenticity was one of the core values and key strengths required for success.

Source: The Psychologist, vol 25 no 6 – June 2012

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