Universities no longer advertising free unpaid internships and work placements

May 3rd, 2013 by Sarah Green Leave a reply »

At Zircon we strongly believe in the wealth of experience that internships and work experience placements can bring to the future careers of students which is why we welcome students into our environment as much as we can. Not only does it help the students to affirm their career choices but they can also bring diversity into our workplace which we always welcome.

In The Times today Friday 3rd May there was an article stating that Universities are refusing to advertise internships and work experience places where the employer does not pay for the placement and may even start to name and shame companies that do.

At Zircon we strongly agree with this article as it is not viable to expect anyone to work for nothing due to rising living costs and also for the value that interns can bring to the workplace. Zircon are pleased to pay for the hard work of our interns and for all expenses of work placements as we feel that not only are they here to gain valuable experience from us, but also their hard work is truly valued by Zircon.

Written by Sarah Green, Project Coordinator

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