My Occupational Psychology Work Experience with Zircon

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After completing my degree in Psychology with Sport Science at University of Exeter, I set myself the challenge of securing an internship or work experience with practicing Psychologists to support my Occupational Psychology Masters applications for September 2013. I decided to research as many companies as possible, making contact to each, specifying my ambition to become an Occupational Psychologist and my interest in the unique service they offer.

When I was contacted by Zircon with the offer of a telephone interview with Sarah Linton and Katie Bissell I was absolutely delighted, and shocked at the prospect. This was my first telephone interview; therefore my excitement for the opportunity was accompanied with apprehension regarding the interview itself. To my surprise, the interview was a success and I was put forward for a second interview which fortunately had the same outcome. I was offered an invaluable opportunity of a 2 and a half week work placement with Zircon which I was absolutely astounded by; I could not believe I had finally achieved what I had set out to do, especially with such a reputable organisation, and was sure the experience would affirm my desire to work as an Occupational Psychologist.

Being unfamiliar with the region of Surrey, I was not only anxious about starting my work placement but also about ensuring I knew where to go and that I arrived on time! I felt a sense of relief arriving early on my first day, which was enhanced by the lovely welcome I received when I entered the office. I immediately felt like part of the team and was given an excellent introduction to Zircon by Amanda who was extremely informative and enthusiastic.

I could not wait to get started and promptly proceeded to tackle the first task of a list I had been presented with. I felt an immediate sense of value when asked to proof the ‘Technical Manual’ of a brand new Zircon product, and just could not believe how much responsibility I had been given in such a short space of time! One thing I really remember from my first day is how impressed I was with Zircon’s versatile approach to business and how they have taken it in their stride to adapt to the current climate. I could not wait to see what day 2 (and the rest) had to offer!

My following days certainly exceeded expectation. I continued to develop aspects of the new product, created survey items for a new assessment tool, proofed assessment reports, created blogs on current research articles for the website, developed user guides for large client projects, and much more. Additionally, I was given the opportunity of attending the CIPD HRD conference in London where Amanda gave a brilliant presentation detailing the future of talent management. This was a particularly insightful experience, and really complemented my prior learning over the past few weeks.

I really am extremely grateful to everyone at Zircon for providing me with such brilliant, professional experience. I honestly cannot believe how much I have learnt, and really did not think it was possible to do so much in such a short space of time. I can definitely confirm that this is the career path for me, and would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Zircon team for their generous advice and assistance throughout the duration of my placement. I hope I will be back to work with you all again in the future!

By Jade Bennett, Trainee Business Psychologist, April 2013

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