The Future of Talent Management: Key Findings Part 15

February 1st, 2013 by Sarah Green Leave a reply »

TM strategy does not explicitly consider the well being of the employees.

Here is the next part of this series of blogs summarising our 2012 findings into the Future of Talent Management.

35% of Leaders believe that their TM Strategy does not fully consider the well being of their employees, this includes 42% from HR, 28% from the Business Leaders and 30% from Talent. This implies that many Leaders and particularly HR Leaders do not see the TM strategy explicitly considering the well being of individuals. This is a concern because there is abundant research suggesting that employees with higher “well being” are more engaged, committed and motivated employees, for example Stairs and Gilpin (2010).

Look out next week for: What does the future look like? Part 1 Organisations will increase their focus on TM over the next three years, however they do not have adequate budget to attract, recruit, develop or retain talent.

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