Sustainability at the workplace – 20 ideas to make it happen: Part three

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At Zircon, Dr Amanda Potter and the team are constantly striving for sustainability in the workplace. We have been exploring new ways of making this a possibility and would like to share GAIA Active’s “20 ideas to make this happen” from their information booklet: “GAIA Making Sustainability happen; Sustainability at the workplace”

In part three of four, please find the following 5 points below to continue to make sustainability happen.

11. Identify your connectors: Energy Teams need ‘connectors’ within them and to help them. Connectors are those who can sell a message to others and are people of influence, not necessarily seniority. The do now have to be passionate environmentalists, but must be agreeable to support something over which they have influence.

12. Connect behaviour to your data: When looking at Electricity Data from AMR/Half Hourly meters, think “behaviour” and “activity” rather than equipment and machinery. Question what behaviours overnight may be causing the base load to be high? The next step would be to ascertain what the behaviours or myths are, and challenge them.

13. Attitude is everything: Behaviour change is empowerment, encouraging staff to become engaged in saving energy to achieve common goal. The key to changing attitudes is to find individuals’ drivers and motivators and getting them to understand the benefits.

14. Wiifm (What’s in it for me): Your programme has to connect to your staff with defined benefits for the changes you hope to achieve. WIIFM should not be money as recognition, pride and peer success are far better motivators.

15. The green champion a double edged sword: We often get introduced to teams of Green Champions who are typically self created teams of passionate, environmentally minded people with a real sense of purpose with a common goal. This should be great but unfortunately often they do not represent the majority. Since the key to success in energy saving is to take the whole organisation with you, you must consider whether green champions effectively influence those who do not share their world view.

Adapted from source: GAIA Making Sustainability Happen, Sustainability at the workplace, 20 ideas to make it happen

If you could like more information, visit the GAIA website or call 0800 433 4040 or alternatively email

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