The Future of Talent Management: Key Findings Part 14

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Organisations encourage their Leaders to demonstrate resilience when facing challenge and adversity.

Here is the next part of this series of blogs summarising our 2012 findings into the Future of Talent Management.

Generally organisations equip Leaders to be resilient in difficult situations (according to 66% of respondents) and give their Leaders the tools and techniques they need to bounce back from challenge and adversity (according to 64% of respondents). Business Leaders tend to view their organisations more positively in this area, for example 77% of Business Leaders believe that they equip their Leaders to be resilient in difficult situations, compared to 60% of HR Leaders and 63% of Talent Leaders. Similarly 70% of Business Leaders said that theorganisation gave Leaders the tools and techniques they needed to bounce back from challenge and adversity and 60% of Talent and 62% of HR Leaders agreed.

Providing stretch opportunities to talented, high potential individuals is one way of developing strength and resilience. This was identified as a common theme within the qualitative analysis, developing and growing Leaders by providing stretching opportunities such as managed job moves, increased responsibility, secondment, promotion, job rotation and international assignments.

Whilst building and encouraging resilience in Leaders is not a key development area for organisations, they do have an opportunity to differentiate themselves by educating people on how they can maximise their strengths and create coping strategies during difficult and pressured situations.

Look out next week for Part 15: TM strategy does not explicitly consider the well being of the employees

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