Sustainability at the Workplace – 20 ideas to make it happen: Part two

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At Zircon, Dr Amanda Potter and the team are constantly striving for sustainability in the workplace. We have been exploring new ways of making this a possibility and would like to share GAIA Active’s “20 ideas to make this happen” from their information booklet: “GAIA Making Sustainability happen; Sustainability at the workplace”

In part two of four, please find the following 5 points below to continue to make sustainability happen.

6. Your energy team exists to implement change: From the outset your team must recognise that driving energy efficiently behaviours is a change programme and its role is to encourage colleagues to work in different ways. Energy Team members must engage and communicate the bigger picture, offering leadership in good practice rather than just putting up posters and raising awareness.

7. It’s normal to resist: Resistance is caused by fear of the unknown. Begin by helping your team realise that the organisation’s energy usage is about their own usage as well as their colleague’s. They need to see that it will be beneficial and nothing to fear.

8. CEO involvement is essential: Like all members of staff, the CEO has to ‘live’ the new culture and not just endorse it. Unless the CEO recognises that they must change their behaviours, the programme will achieve little.

9. Don’t ignore culture, values and motives: You will need to carefully consider your change agenda and think about the ‘recognition tools’ for success and how they relate to your organisation’s culture. It could cause rebellion in staff if your change agenda is not in line with your organisation’s values.

10. Create a compelling message: Start with a ‘Compelling Message’. Consider something inspirational to generate a level of excitement. It must explain the positive ambitions of your organisation and enable your employees to see “what is in it for them”. Keep it as a simple message and a tag line.

Adapted from source: GAIA Making Sustainability Happen, Sustainability at the workplace, 20 ideas to make it happen

If you could like more information, visit the GAIA website or call 0800 433 4040 or alternatively email

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