My Zircon Internship

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At the conclusion of my Msc, I felt relieved that I had managed to survive the course, proud of all that I had accomplished and excited for the future ahead of me. I prepared myself for my graduation and relished the day of ceremony. Shortly after this experience I realised there was a whole new challenge that I needed to face: finding a job in the real world. After researching consultancies, and speaking to established Occupational Psychologists that I had met along the way, I was given Amanda’s name by Alan Redman who had kindly agreed to take the time to discuss career paths with me. I called Amanda the very next day to find out more. Over the phone Amanda was encouraging and informative, giving me information about life in Occupational Psychology. She explained the fact that businesses had changed and hence the ways that Occupational Psychologists worked had needed to adapt to fluctuating demands. From the conversation with Amanda I felt invigorated and had a fresh sense of enthusiasm for the area of work that I had studied to be a part of. I immediately sent Zircon my CV and had the opportunity of a phone interview with Sarah Linton who, in turn, reaffirmed my belief that Zircon had the perfect balance of personality and professional acumen. I was offered a 4 week internship for which I absolutely leapt at the chance.

On my first day, as I’m certain any intern approaching a new opportunity would, I ventured toward the Zircon offices with a mixture of trepidation and excitement. I was keen to discover what the coming 4 weeks had in store for me. I needn’t have felt the trepidation. From the moment I walked through the door I was treated as though I was a long-standing and valued member of the team. Everyone was welcoming and friendly. I was immediately impressed by the professionalism and dedication of all the team members. When things get particularly intense, we all work away in silence, each of us so engrossed in the task at hand that we barely notice there are other people in the room. Then, all at once, when the tasks are completed and the pressure is off, the mood immediately lightens and we are all joking with one another.

An internship at Zircon is not a ‘free-ride’ or a ‘walk in the park’ which is a large part of its appeal! From day one I was given activities which would contribute to real projects. I have been involved in conducting literature reviews and creating comprehensive matrices to contribute to research; I have co-written briefings for large organisations, proofed documents for important client meetings and assisted with the development of presentations and other materials for clients. Each day is packed with high energy project work.

I am so pleased that I have taken part in the Zircon story. I have gained invaluable insight into the frenetic and high pressure environment that working in a consultancy provides. I have witnessed the integrity and professionalism required of the business psychologists at Zircon, which I would hope I have successfully emulated. I have contributed to real projects and research. Throughout my time I have felt like a valued and trusted team member. My only concern is that the time is already flying by too fast and all too soon my time at Zircon will be at an end. Thank you to all the team at Zircon, this internship has been more than just incredibly rewarding – it’s been amazing!

Written by: Katie Bissell, October 2012

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