ABP Surrey Networking Event – September 2012

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Are you psychologically fit?

As our summer brings itself to a blissful close and we approach the next period of, the ABP Surrey networking event, let’s cast our thoughts back to the humans and super humans of the Olympics and Paralympics who furnished us with accomplishments and exploits. While we sit and are amazed at their achievements, this alone does not get them over the finish line or solely impact on how they perform. A critical component is how their mental agility or psychological makeup impacts on their success.

So to help business leaders understand the complexities of individuals and the complex self, Alan Beggs of “The Human Dimensions Ltd”, shared a business friendly approach at the Surrey ABP meeting on 20 September 2012. His model reviews how individuals use their strengths and beliefs and considers how these contribute to being “Psychologically Fit”, an area that impacts on how an individual performs.

It is a model that any business leader would understand and could apply in their organisation. Alan presents the continuum of how individuals can move between and from helplessness to powerfulness and considers the impact of beliefs. He purports that beliefs are innate psychological liabilities and assets that have an impact on how your strengths manifest themselves in what you do. His model covers a number of dimensions including the social and cognitive self and provides some pointers on areas to unpick to begin understanding the makeup of psychological fitness.

You hear people say ” it’s all in the mind” and I close this update with a smile as I consider that yes, there is some truth in that but isn’t it better to understand what makes the complex self so complex? Overlay this with the complex world we live in, and the opportunity to shape and direct the world to be a more inclusive and productive place will start to result.

We are looking forward to the next ABP Surrey, fondly known as “Any British Pub” in Surrey event in December.

Written by Jacky Griffiths, HR and Change Consultant

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