Three Steps to Overcoming your Negativity Bias

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At Zircon, we believe a positive environment is a more successful one but we all know that it is not easy to stay positive all of the time. This blog summarises three simple things that we can all do to help to overcome negativity in the workplace.

1. Recognise and appreciate negativity bias: The main trick in overcoming “negativity bias” is to recognise its existence, and only then can we do something about it. When you find yourself being critical of something, ask yourself whether your critical approach is justified or whether it is just your negativity bias at work. When you start to notice this, you can then take the first step in learning how to overcome this.

2. Controlling your negativity bias: Think about learning to control your negativity bias rather than turning it off altogether. Our negativity bias is a natural instinct which serves purpose in survival so it would not be viable to switch this off, but we can learn to tone it down instead. Accept that it will always be there but we can control how much or little this is used.

3. Your Physical Wellbeing: This plays a very important role in how you manage your negativity bias. If you are not feeling your best your negative bias will have the upper hand. Try to keep your body as balanced as possible. Remember that tiredness, stress, low sugar level or tension can have a negative impact on your thoughts, your decisions, how you act and react. try to make sure that you get rest, recuperation andand that you eat well to help control your feelings of negativity at work.

By following these three steps, you’ll find that you are able to gain much more control over what you think and why you think it. you will control your emotions rather than letting your emotions control you!

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