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Immediately after browsing through Zircon’s web pages, I realised that this is where I would like to undertake my internship. Afterall, they cannot be called an award-winning consultancy for no reason. This is why I was delighted when out the many consultancies that I contacted Zircon was the one to get back to me with a positive reply. After being interviewed by Sarah Linton, this conviction only grew stronger. When she told me that “at Zircon everyone works very hard to provide clients with the highest quality services”, I felt even more motivated to learn more about their business practices.

My time at Zircon was definitely marked by the incredible personalities that I met. I was fascinated by how everyone works together to build something special and great, voicing their opinion, reviewing, proofing, editing every step of the way – to perfection. I was deeply moved by the collaboration and definitely proud to be a part of that process.

Some of the tasks that I was given at Zircon included working on proposals and conducting extensive research on different workshop exercises, assessment tools and talent assessment. I was impressed by the courage that Amanda and the rest of the team showed – exploring new areas of occupational psychology to help meet current market trends and satisfy customer needs. It was for this reason I felt extremely energized to give 100% of myself and it paid off in me gaining some priceless experience and skills.

Overall, my experience was very positive and I feel privileged to have had the chance to work with such amazing people and learn so much from them during my time at Zircon. I wish the team all the best in the future and many more successful years to come. Thank you all for making this an exceptional experience for me!

Written by: Veronika Kubickova

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