My Journey towards being an Occupational Psychologist

July 5th, 2012 by Sarah Green Leave a reply »

My Zircon Work Experience June 2012 was my first real experience within a Psychology consultancy since completing my BSc Psychology course. My aim was to assess whether I would want to complete an MSc and pursue a career in Organisational Psychology. Not knowing what to expect, there was of course a sense of nervousness but I can safely say that this experience has proved to me that not only that I want to pursue a career in Organisational Psychology but also why Zircon truly is an award winning company.

I was very fortunate with the timing of my Internship because Zircon were at the beginning stages of developing a new talent assessment tool. It showed me how systematic and methodical you have to be in developing assessment methodologies. This internship enabled me to be fully involved within this project and play an important role within Zircon. This is made my time with Zircon such a valuable experience; I felt I had an impact within the team, and that my contribution was worthwhile. In addition, I found the team. Amanda, Melissa, Jacky, Sally and Sarah Green were amazingly approachable and friendly from the very moment and I developed a friendly and professional rapport with them, which made the experience far more enjoyable and memorable!

I have loved working with Zircon for these past three weeks as it has opened my eyes to the work I would be doing within the Psychology field and the type of work that I would be expected to do in future. It has been a real pleasure working with such esteemed colleagues and I do hope that my path crosses sometime soon again with Zircon!

Written by Elizabeth Hamchary, July 2012.

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