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At Zircon we believe that in order for organisations to be truly successful, it is important to have a clear and consistent recruitment strategy, which links strongly to the organisations future vision, values and global competencies. However achieving this, particularly in large and complex organisations, is not an easy feat. A good place to start is by identifying, reviewing and auditing the assessment tools and processes currently being used across the organisation. We have recently conducted global assessment and selection process audits for two international organisations and are talking to two more global organisations about future audits.

In this difficult economic climate, organisations are being forced to identify where processes could be streamlined and where investments can be made in the short term, to ensure the longer term success.
Auditing assessment processes for recruitment and development, identifying robust and valid assessment and psychometric tools, removing weak and unreliable ones and creating consistent recruitment processes across the business can bring several benefits including:
• Accurate and effective hiring of the most capable talent for the organisation
• Place new hires or existing employees in the right area of the business to ensure success
• Creating consistency across the organisation, reducing the risk of poor assessment practices
• Empowering hiring managers to use the recruitment processes more effectively

In order to determine if an organisation would benefit from conducting an assessment audit, there are a number of key questions to ask. These include:
• Is there sufficiently clear guidance on how to assess individuals for recruitment and development purposes within the organisation?
• Is there clarity about which assessments tools to use and when to use them?
• Are different parts of the business following the core methodology when recruiting and selecting?
• Can you clearly and simply understand which assessment tools measure which organisational competencies?
• Is there a particular group of individuals within the organisation who have specific assessment tools available for assessment, for example the sales function?
• Do you have clear assessment methodologies for your critical roles (E.g. C Suite and Executive Directors) and volume hires (E.g. Individuals Contributors).
• Are assessment tools being consistently used in different areas of the business?
• Does your organisation have a clear rationale for why you are using the assessment tools and processes for recruitment and development? Do you maximise the benefits of using the tools for the business?
• Is there clarity regarding how much value the recruitment tools add to the selection process? Are
they BPS recognised as legitimate and valid tools for assessment?

If any of these questions were answered with a ‘no’, it is likely that your organisation would benefit from reviewing and auditing your organisations assessment processes for recruitment and development. In order to do this, there are some key steps to follow:

For more guidance on this process or would like to discuss how you could conduct an audit within your own organisation please contact

Written by Melissa Tyson – Business Psychologist.

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