How accurate were the ABP Psychologists and Consultants in predicting the Zircon Talent Management Results?

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Dr Amanda Potter and Sarah Linton, presented the results of the Talent Management research at the 12th Annual ABP Conference last Friday.  It was a lively and interactive debate throughout with open challenge and discussion. At the beginning of the session, Amanda and Sarah asked the 55 delegates, who consisted of mainly Business Psychologists and HR Consultants, the following “What percentage of the 150 HR, Talent and Business Leaders who participated in the Zircon research said ‘yes’ to the following questions?”

  1. We have a Talent Management strategy
  2. We have a clear definition of Talent
  3. I understand our Talent Management strategy
  4. We openly communicate our Talent Management strategy
  5. We measure the ROI (return on investment) of our talent management practices.

As promised we have provided a summary of the ABP predicted percentages to compare with the Zircon research findings:

Overall, it appears that in most cases the ABP delegates’ prediction is most closely aligned with the responses of the Business Leaders, or in other words the ‘users’ of Talent Management strategies. This is opposed to the Talent and HR Leaders, who are most often the ‘creators’ of Talent Management strategies. Do we as Psychologists see the situation more from the business’s perspective than HR or Talent?

The item that yielded the greatest debate at the conference was question 5 looking at “ROI”. The Psychologists, HR Consultants and Internal Talent Specialists consistently agreed with the research it is difficult if not impossible to accurately measure an accurate ROI of many talent interventions. It was proposed by some delegates that measuring “ROE” – or Return on Expectation could be a good compromise.

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Written and prepared by Dr Amanda Potter and Melissa Tyson. May 2012.

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