The Future of Talent Management: Aims and Participants

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In this series of blogs summarising our 2012 research into the Future of Talent Management, we will provide the key aims and provide a summary of the clients who contributed.


The aim of this research is to gain an understanding of how organisations approach TM and to identify whether or not they have a “talent mindset”. A “talent mindset” is defined by McKinsey and Company, 2001 in their landmark book, “The War for Talent” as “a deeply held belief that building a strong management talent pool is critical to achieving the aspirations of the company.”

In this research we explored whether an organisation’s TM strategy is effective at managing their Human Capital Asset. In particular, we assessed whether the end to end TM strategy is aligned with their business strategy and a differentiator for business success by:

• Delivering competitive advantage,
• Showing differentiation in the market
• Demonstrating brand presence,
• Delivering shareholder return and return on investment.

We explored the difference in perceptions of the definition, application and success of TM between its Originators (HR and Talent Leaders) and Implementers (Business Leaders) and whether they understand the value of end to end talent management processes.
The research explores these differences within 85 Private, Public and Not for Profit organisations.


We invited 300 Senior Leaders to participate in the online survey and telephone interviews.150 Senior HR, Talent and Business Leaders responded from a total of 85 organisations. The split between Talent (including Learning and Development), HR and Business Leaders was reasonably even (50, 52, 48 respectively). 87% of the organisations were from the Private sector and the rest were from Not for Profit and Public sectors. The respondents came from various organisational sectors including: Financial Services, Legal, Healthcare, Logistics, Utilities, Leisure, Engineering and Technology.

82% of all Leaders were from large organisations with more than 250 employees, the rest of the sample, were from small and medium sized organisations. Half of the organisations describe themselves as growing and half as restructuring and sustaining.

Thank you to the following organisations who agreed to be named as part of this research:

Look out next week for Part 1: Key Findings

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