Entrepreneurs and the Environment

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In Zircon’s previous blog, Dr Amanda Potter and Melissa Tyson identified five characteristics that have been shown to be significantly higher in Entrepreneurs than Line Managers including: the Need for Achievement, Internal Locus of Control, Problem Solving Orientation, Interpersonal Reactivity and Assertiveness.

Entrepreneurship is not however, just about ‘standalone’ traits. Campbell & Burnett (2008) argue that it is important to consider both traits and the environment:

“Entrepreneurship involves the nexus of two phenomena; the presence of lucrative opportunities and the presence of enterprising individuals”(Shane & Venkataraman, 2000).

On this basis it can therefore be argued that entrepreneurial behaviour is very much driven by particular events and more specifically it is the reaction to these events at that particular time that sets entrepreneurs apart. Psychology research has in fact asserted for some time that behaviour is a function of both the person and the environment (e.g. Mischel 1968; Shaver & Scott 1991).

For further information about how we integrate psychology research into our talent assessment and talent management offering, please contact Dr Amanda Potter.

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Written by Melissa Tyson, Occupational Psychologist.

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