Ten Top Tips for Graduates Seeking Employment!

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At Zircon, we are committed to working with organisations to research, define, design and launch graduate assessment programmes. Most of our research focuses on the requirements of the hiring organisation, however Dr Amanda Potter (a member of the UEL Alumni Network) found these tips for graduates seeking employment in the University of East London’s UEL Matters magazine and feel it is useful for potential new graduates. If you are looking for that elusive graduate-level job or want to move up the ladder, the ten tips below could be of use.

1. Enthusiasm: Enthusiasm when applying for a role is essential in showing you are positive, willing to learn and a team player.

2. Confidence: Confidence in your own ability and the skills you have to offer.

3. Be prepared: Whether it be preparing for an assessment centre of planning the journey to the interview, preparation is key to presenting yourself in a professional manner.

4. Professionalism: You are a professional. Your CV and covering letter must reflect this. Accuracy when it comes to grammar and spelling is essential.

5. Business Etiquette: How you behave, and the language you use, says a lot about who you are and how you will fit into an organisation. So whether you are speaking to the receptionist or a director, remember your manners will be remembered.

6. Dress for success: You want to be taken seriously and be judged on what you say and your skills, rather than the fact you forgot to iron your shirt…always were appropriate clothes in neutral, business colours.

7. Research: Research into the employer you are applying to work for. What is the organisation’s culture? Do they have a mission statement? Why do you want to work for this organisation?

8. Be informed: Put down those glossy magazines, read the paper and watch the news. It is important you are aware of current affairs as this shows an interest in your sector and the wider environment.

9. As questions: At the end of an interview always ask a question relating to the future plans of the organisation or how your role will fit into their priorities. Avoid all questions relating to salary and company benefits.

10. Ask for feedback: If you are unsuccessful remain positive and ask for feedback. This will go a long way in supporting you when you apply for your next role.

Each year within Zircon, we give secondment and intern opportunities to trainee Occupational Psychologists and A-Level Psychology students and we are dedicated to supporting the development of new Psychologists in the occupational field. Our biggest piece of advice to new graduates is “get some relevant work experience by offering to do an internship or work experience”. This will show to your potential employer that you are dedicated and committed to discipline your applying to work in and that you have relevant intern or secondment experience in the area.

Adapted from UEL Matters, by Dr Amanda Potter.

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