Zircon are using the Strengthscope Tool for Assessment and Development

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Dr Amanda Potter arranged for some of the Zircon team to join Heidrick and Struggles on Wednesday 23rd November for Strengthscope Accreditation Training. The training took place at Heidrick & Struggles offices where 15 delegates received training from James Brook (Strengths Partnership).

According to the Strengths Partnership, strengths can be defined as our:

“Underlying qualities that energise us, contribute to our personal growth and lead to peak performance Brewerton and Brook, 2006

Why are strengths important?

As a result of many years of focusing on development needs and conducting gap analyses, people tend to be very clear and understand their weaknesses very well, however when asked they are less able to identify and discuss their core strengths. According to James and colleagues from the Strengths Partnership, strengths are personal sources of energy. https://www.strengthscope.com/

They claim that by identifying both strengths and competencies, we are able to identify people who are competent at a task, and get energy from it. They are therefore more likely to:

• Move from good to great
• Get through challenging times/pressures
• Overcome performance risks
• Feel more natural and authentic

Strengths give us PACE. They increase Performance, Agility, Confidence and drive, and Engagement.

Strengths in overdrive

It is important to recognise our strengths and use them to compensate for our “weaknesses”. Strengths Partnership define weaknesses as those areas that we may be competent in (e.g. detail) but are not energised by. We therefore need to stretch our strengths in order to achieve higher levels of competence.

However we must also control our strengths so that they do not go into overdrive. When our strengths go into overdrive unintended consequences can occur.

For example, when the strength “Collaboration” is operating at its best, people work collaboratively with others to overcome conflict and work towards a common goal. When this strength is over used people may rely on collaboration or discussion when in fact a quick or straight forward decision is needed.

What are the benefits?

By assessing both strengths and competencies, we are able to identify the areas that individuals are both skilled at and energised by. If we hire, develop, motivate and engage our employees by looking at both competencies and strengths we are more likely to achieve confidence, resilience and success of our employees.

For further information about Strengthscope or how Strengthscope can help you, please contact Amanda Potter – amanda.potter@zircon-mc.co.uk

Written by Ruth Sweetman, Trainee Occupational Psychologist November 2011. ruth.sweetman@zircon-mc.co.uk

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