Changes to the HDS Scale Names

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At Zircon we believe that understanding personality is vital to assessing and developing Talent and we use a number of personality questionnaires in order to achieve this. In a recent blog (“Zircon are bringing in a Strengths Tool to complement our Talent Model”) we reviewed how the personality psychometrics we use at Zircon fit with our model of Talent. One tool we considered was the HDS, which focuses primarily upon ‘dark sides’ that occur as a result of overused strengths.

The HDS tool, published by PCL, was developed through many years of research into the derailment of managers. The HDS tool is used globally and over 500,000 individuals have completed the HDS since it was published in 1997.

Due to the globalisation of the tool, PCL realised that there was a need for consistent Scale names in all cultures and nationalities, to provide a consistent message to all users of the tool. The HDS UK scale names have therefore been adapted to become Global scale names.

We thought we would provide a useful summary of these changes:

At Zircon we understand how important it is to continually update and improve the tools we apply within the business world. We therefore welcome any changes which increase the ease of use and consistency across users.

If you have any questions about how you could use the HDS or other personality tools within your organisation, please contact Dr Amanda Potter

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