Zircon at the Saville Talent Development Day

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On Wednesday 5th October Zircon Consultants Sarah Linton, Melissa Tyson and Ruth Sweetman attended the Saville Talent Development Day at Twickenham Stadium. The day was opened by Gabrielle Parry, Regional Director at Saville Consulting, followed by a morning of workshops.

What we learnt

During the event Saville recommended three key areas to focus on when selecting a personality questionnaire for assessment or development:

1. Make sure that the business competencies or capabilities are clearly mapped to the psychometric tool being used (e.g. Wave) before it is selected.

2. Make sure that the most critical capabilities are measured by the psychometric tool and that there is a clear correlation between the business and role requirements and the psychometric tool. By doing this you will ensure the validity of the assessment process.

3. Make sure the capabilities define the future requirements of the role and that Wave or any other tool is mapped to these future requirements, this will help to ensure the longer term shelf life of the assessment process and decision.

About Wave

Zircon are a strong supporter of the Wave personality questionnaire and use it to support our client talent management practices in particular, assessment for recruitment, development, succession planning and high potential identification.

Wave assesses four clusters or areas of personality. The factors of personality include: to a) thought, b) influence, c) adaptability, d) delivery. Within each cluster there are 3 areas of measurement.

In summary these include:

a) Thought: Evaluative, Investigative and Imaginative.
b) Influence: Sociable, Impactful and Assertive.
c) Adaptability: Resilient, Flexible and Supportive.
d) Delivery: Conscientious, Structured and Driven.

For further information about how we use Wave and other Bright Side personality measures as part of our Talent Management practices please contact amanda.potter@zircon-mc.co.uk.

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