‘Advanced Positive Psychology in Practice’ 2 Day Master Class

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Zircon are recommending a Positive Psychology course hosted by Lucy Ryan of Positive Insights to our clients, team and associates. Unique to the UK, this course is the second of two Master Classes that make up our programme in ‘Positive Psychology in Practice’. Aimed at coaches, leaders, trainers and consultants, this highly interactive programme enables you to explore and understand the advanced application of positive psychology and integrate an extended range of evidence based tools and techniques into your day to day practice.

This programme complements and builds on the Foundation Masterclass:

“Positive Psychology programmes should probably be mandatory for senior and middle management embarking on any serious corporate, structural or culture, change initiative. I found Lucy’s programme an outstanding and practical insight into building positivity and resilience within the business organisation in a time of challenge and change” (Patrick Kennedy, Vice President, Field Operations, Hertz Europe)

What will the programme do for you?

By the end of this two day Masterclass, you will learn:
(i) A positive change model and how the underpinnings of positive psychology and appreciative inquiry can inform and enhance business today;
(ii) A practical approach to the science of Resilience, (building on the emotional grid in Part 1), including a new cognitive model;
(iii) The Motivation Ladder – 15 scientifically proven ways to increase motivation;
(iv) How to develop a performance based Mindset and help others change their mindset in under 60 minutes!


(i) Creating a Positive Model of Change

From old to new models of change – learning from Appreciative Inquiry
The 5 central ‘pillars’ that form the framework for a positive model of change
Designing and leading an appreciative interview
Enhancing your ‘Best Self’ profile
Pathways to authenticity, meaning and purpose

(ii) The Science of Resilience

Developing resilience in the face of change
The 4 core ‘muscles’ that support resilience
Coaching emotional resilience
SPIRIT – an evidence-based cognitive model

(iii) Motivation, Drive and the Desire to Achieve

Positive approaches to motivation and the science that supports a new approach
15 (scientifically proven) ways to enhance motivation (and how the opposite is more often achieved…)
Using ‘the motivation ladder’ with your clients

(iv) Mindsets for Change

Fixed versus growth mindsets and why it matters so much in business today
How to help adults develop a growth mindset
Putting the course learning into practice and designing a business portfolio.


£599 + VAT. To book: Visit the website, www.positiveinsights.co.uk, visit the Resources pages and click on the ‘Buy Now’ button for the Advanced Masterclass.

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