My Work Experience with Zircon – with a team of Occupational Psychologists

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As a self-proclaimed nerd, it’s not surprising that I originally came across the world of Psychology through voluntary research. This was about two years ago now and my love for Psychology is still going strong. I’m a sixth form student about to enter my final year and once complete, I plan to go on to University to further my knowledge and love of Psychology.

How I got here

Although I am interested in Psychology, I needed to be sure that I wanted a career in Psychology. I therefore contacted Zircon in May 2011 to get some experience of Occupational Psychology. I was recommended Zircon by an acquaintance who had work experience with Zircon in 2010. Amanda responded promptly with an encouraging reply and I was given the details of how to apply for a summer placement. I promptly emailed Melissa my CV, and after two telephone interviews I was selected to have a work experience week with Zircon.

My time here

Since being here, I have carried out a number of tasks including,

• proofing talent development documents,
• proofing proposals,
• calculating profit from projects,
• conducting research into defining a strategy for an organisation,
• conducting research into whether or not emotional intelligence is developable,
• supporting the design of a 9 box performance and potential talent grid,
• creating a development plan (for internal use within Zircon).

In terms of my personal development, I was also given an crash course on how to use Excel which sadly I could not do before and I was encouraged to complete a values exercises and decision making exercise.

My time at Zircon has definitely been eye-opening. I had naively not considered how business based Occupational Psychology, would be! I have really enjoyed my 5 days here. Although, the thought has crossed my mind a few times that I’m being inadvertently watched by an office of Psychologists whose knowledge of my actions is probably greater than my own!

The End

However, in conclusion, the Zircon office is a lovely place to work, aesthetically as well as atmospherically… regardless of the horrible week of rain we’ve had. Amanda, Melissa, Sally, Sarah Green and Sarah Linton have been so friendly and welcoming and I would like to thank them all for giving me this great opportunity! Amanda has every right to be incredibly proud of what she’s created here.

Written by Nicola Chandler, A Level Student and One Week Intern with Zircon, Summer 2011.

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