Zircon are bringing in a Strengths Tool to compliment our Talent Model

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Zircon uses a range of assessment exercises and psychometric tools, to measure the five key areas of performance and potential identified in our Talent Model namely;
• Personal Values,
• Motivators,
• Cognitive Skills,
• Intrapersonal skills,
• Interpersonal skills.

However, we are always looking for new tools which add value when we are assessing talented individuals. The introduction of Strengthscope is therefore an example of us offering a method of measuring ones strengths which is complimentary to the other tools we use.

What is Strengthscope?
Strengthscope has been developed by taking a different approach to performance risk by focusing upon using the right strength, at the right time, in the right way – building upon strengths rather than weaknesses. Our strengths are therefore seen as something which are enjoyable and energising, enabling us to be productive and efficient both at work and in life. In this way the Strengthscope tool links closely to the Zircon Talent Model because the individual’s strengths, which are identified by the tool, reflect not only their key motivators but are often closely linked to the individual’s personal values.

How does Strengthscope compliment our other assessment tools?
So far, none of the tools we currently use for assessment and development purposes focus solely upon strengths. Whilst the HDS focuses primarily upon ‘dark sides’ which occur as a result of overused strengths, the Strengthscope tool focuses more positively upon an individual’s strengths and whilst the tool does consider when strengths may be in overdrive this is not the primary focus.

The Strengthscope tool generates seven key strengths that can be placed under four groups (Emotional, Relational, Thinking and Execution) which denote different challenges faced within the workplace. For example, “Thinking” refers to where one would prefer to apply their intellect and how they go about gathering information for decision making. Therefore, this helps to quickly identify the areas in which many strengths lie and therefore can be informative for individual development.

Whilst the NEO P-IR is also a useful tool for individual development, it tends to measure an individual’s personality more generally, as does WAVE or the OPQ. These ‘bright side’ personality tools consider both strengths and development needs, demonstrating how these influence behaviour at work. Whereas Strengthscope questionnaire focuses upon an individual’s key strengths and identifies how these can be further stretched and developed in order to compensate for performance risks and development needs.

Another tool which Zircon uses to assess Talent is 360 feedback which provides useful information for individuals regarding how their peers, managers and team members view them at work. The Strengthscope questionnaire uses a similar mechanism when analysing the visibility of strengths. It identifies not only which of the individual’s strengths co-workers believe are seen, but also how much more/less they would like the individual’s strengths to be seen. This therefore offers a way of knowing how and when strengths should be used and to what extent.

The Strengthscope tool therefore seems to be well suited and indeed complimentary to the other assessment tools Zircon choose to us. However, Strengthscope adds unique value by offering an ‘appreciative enquiry’ approach to development demonstrating the benefit of building upon existing strengths in order to overcome areas of development.

We believe the strengths tool is complementary to our existing approach and methods, so maybe our talent model should now assess the following?
• Personal Values
• Strengths and Motivators
• Cognitive Skills
• Intrapersonal skills
• Interpersonal skills.

If you would like any more information about Strengthscope or any of the other tools we use at Zircon, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01737 555862. We are running a Strengthscopeaccreditation  training course on the 23rd November for more information please contact Melissa.tyson@zircon-mc.co.uk.


Written by Asha Pattni and Melissa Tyson

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