The Application of Group Exercises in Assessment and Development

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Within Zircon our Directors Amanda Potter, Julie Lee and Sarah Linton we have strong views about the use of Group Exercises for Assessment and Development.

Using Group Exercises in Assessment

Contrary to standard assessment centre design methodologies, our 20 years experience in the area of assessment means that we do not recommend using group exercises as part of a candidate’s assessment process.

The reasons for this are that activities used for assessment should be fair for all candidates. However, group exercises can often lack consistency and are prone to certain biases. For example, performance is very much dependent upon the individuals within the group – one group may have 3 extroverts and 1 introvert, whilst another group may contain the complete opposite i.e. 3 introverts and 1 extrovert. As a result, the group will ultimately affect the opportunity for each candidate to demonstrate their capabilities. At Zircon we believe all candidates should be given equal opportunities to demonstrate their capabilities.

Using Group Exercises in Development

Zircon does incorporate group exercises in the development events and programmes, because unlike assessment, delegates are provided with the opportunity for live feedback and coaching. Therefore, the group exercise is a way of demonstrating and identifying where there may be development needs, as it is often a realistic reflection of the working environment.

For further information about the Zircon views on Assessment and Development methodologies, please contact Amanda Potter on 01737 555 862

Written by Melissa Tyson, Occupational Psychologist

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