The Zircon 6 Month Coaching Model

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Increasingly our Zircon Directors Dr Amanda Potter and Julie Lee are being asked by our clients to provide them with experienced coaches for the executive and senior managers. Our clients are also asking for a clearly defined programme of coaching over 3 or 6 months with review points along the way. The objective is the create leaders who are self aware and develop their impact and influence skills. Supporting individuals to realise their potential; understanding their optimum operating style and developing an action plan to facilitate positive change. This blog provides a summary of what the 6 month programme looks like.

The 6 Month Coaching Programme

Once we have created a robust coaching contract between Zircon, the client and the coachee, we then move into the following steps:

1. The Inside – We start the journey by clarifying requirements and expectations and agreeing a way forward. We use a values exercise to understand the core values and drivers of the individual.

2. The Bright Side – We use the NEO or another bright side tool e.g. Wave to support this coaching discussion. We use it as a way to understand the coachees preferred way of operating and engaging at work.

3. The Dark Side – We use the Hogan Development Survey (HDS) to start to uncover the potential darks sides that may appear under conditions of pressure or complacency.

4. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – We use the JCA ie, to enable us to understand the interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence of the coachee. The discussion focuses on the level of self and other regard the individual has and the impact on their interpersonal interactions and resilience. We link the emotional resilience to the Bright Side and Dark Side results to understand the prevalence and likelihood of the dark side emerging.

5. The Outside – We usually use a 360 tool to understand the self assessed and perceived performance of the individual. We review and interpret the results together in light of the learning from sessions 1 to 4.

6. Moving Forward – We bring everything together on the final session and agree a way forward. We support the individual with the development of an action plan for development, and support the individual in finding a way forward that will enable their success.

Each coaching session is two hours in length, and is face to face. The aforementioned sessions are not fixed or rigid and we do flex to meet the coachee’s needs. If required we also refer to Situational Leadership, Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Psychology and other models. After each session we summarise in a word document for the coachee their:

1. Strengths
2. Development Needs
3. Aspirations
4. Values
5. Other Business

We find this is a useful reminder for the coachee to help them understand their journey. At the end of the 6 months we ask the coachee to write a learning journal and development report that they can discuss with their line manager, so they can agree a way forward.

For further information about our 6 or 3 month coaching programmes please contact Dr Amanda Potter 01737 555 862.

Written by Dr Amanda Potter, CEO.

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