HSBC and Zircon Kilimanjaro Adventure Day 8 Summit Day 29th June 2011

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It is Day Eight of the Kilimanjaro Adventure and today is THE SUMMIT DAY with 12-15 HRS TREKKING. Jason Roberts, Sarah Linton and 28 Colleagues including Jacky Griffiths from HSBC awake just before midnight,

today we climbed up the most demanding part of the route by torchlight, to reach Gilman’s Point at the crater rim. We made it up on to the crater rim after 7 long hours, a few people got bad altitude sickness so had to descend 150m from summit quite quickly. One of our Directors Jason Roberts got past Guilmans point and Stella Point and therefore officially completed 2 peaks on the crater rim. The team then made their final traverse to Uhuru Peak, the highest point on the African Continent, at 5895m, which took a further 1.5 hours. In total, 24 out of 30 people made it to Guilmans point or further. A great team effort on the hardest final ascent route. After admiring the views and taking photos, they descended, stopping at their camp via Kibo for breakfast, and then on down to Horombo Huts Camp at 3091m.

Start height: 4700m
Day distance: 20km
Max height: 5896m
Total distance: 58.2km
End height: 4091m

Some comments on face book and twitter….
“Oh my goodness this is it! Good luck all of you” the Zircon team
“I’ve been thinking about you all the time & telling everyone what you’re doing! I hope it’s going well today” Annie Hughes
“Hope you’ve had a successful trek today” Louise Kiwanuka
“Hello good luck with your trip and both we are thinking about you and your challenge. Keep safe” Giles and Nish
“May I suggest you put the Blackberry down and concentrate on the sod-off mountain ahead of you?! All the best!” Ed Partridge
“We would just like to wish our mate Jason Roberts all the best on his climb of Kilamanjaro in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care, proud to help you out a few months back – hope you raise even more money!!!” the SAS Duo
“Good Luck on the climb mate. have a safe journey” Steve Whale
“Have a great time Jason thinking of you enjoy the climb look forward to seeing all the updates”. Mr and Mrs Roberts

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