HSBC and Zircon Kilimanjaro Adventure Day 5 26th June 2011

June 26th, 2011 by Amanda Potter Leave a reply »

Today….the trek to MAWENZI TARN CAMP 4-5 HRS TREKKING. Jason Roberts, Sarah Linton and 28 Colleagues from HSBC are on Day Five of their Kilimanjaro Adventure and it is their third day walking.

Today is an early start, continuing along the gentle path that soon becomes steeper. All doing well, a few minor headaches in the group but they are into very high altitude already.

Their efforts will soon be rewarded by a hot lunch at Mawenzi Tarn, which sits in a bowl, protected by the ridges and spires of Mawenzi. An afternoon walk allows time to explore and get used to the altitude, before an early dinner.

Start height: 3679m
Day distance: 6km
Max height: 651m
Total distance: 22km
End height: 4330m

Wish us luck! Sarah and Jason.

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