HSBC and Zircon Kilimanjaro Adventure Day 4 25th June 2011

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The first day over and it was described as a “walk in the park” – it was not like any park I (Sarah Linton) have ever been in! The team in good spirits, although I have yet to see the mountain due to the clouds. Today….the trek to KIKELEWA CAVES CAMP 6 -7 HRS TREKKING. A 6am start for what has been promised as a tough day. Jason Roberts, Sarah Linton, Jacky Griffiths and 27 other Colleagues from HSBC are on Day four of their Kilimanjaro Adventure.

Today’s route snakes through changing scenery, ascending up through heather and moorland to the jagged peak of Mawenzi. A stop for lunch at Second Cave Camp, before turning South East making along a path that ambles through heath-land and rocky outcrops, with fantastic views of the Mawenzi, Kibo and the Northern ice fields. Lunch is 3,400m above sea level, all doing well, a few minor headaches in the group but we are into Very high altitude already. Final camp is just below the Mawenzi Saddle, after a full day and long day.

Start height: 2668m
Day distance: 9km
Height gain: 1011m
Total distance: 16km
End height: 3679m

Onwards and Upwards! Sarah and Jason.

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