HSBC and Zircon Kilimanjaro Adventure Day 3 24th June 2011

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Today….the trek to SIMBA CAMP 4 HRS TREKKING

Jason Roberts, Sarah Linton and 28 Colleagues from HSBC including Jacky Griffiths are on Day three of their Kilimanjaro Adventure. After a massive dinner and 2 birthday cakes shaped like Kilimanjaro (there are 2 birthdays in the group), a good sleep and another massive breakfast I (Sarah Linton) have removed half of my kit following the briefing – our lead guide is an ex-marine who seems to lack any need for warm layers. We then make the transfer by road to the beginning of the Rongai Route, in the village of Nale Moru, about 4 hours drive from Moshi. The first time in my life that I have been force fed calories to the extent that I really don’t want to see more food. All excited and nervous – a lot of laughter on the bus!

On arrival we meet the rest of our team, including our guides, cooks and porters. We register for the trek and our bags are weighed to ensure each is within the 15 kg limit. Finally it is here – the moment we have all been waiting for! We begin our trek through farm land and the pine forest that surrounds the local area and I (Sarah) have already had my first accident. Cut the back of my head! Less talking more walking Sarah!

The forest then gives way to scrub and heather, and we have a very good chance of seeing Mongoose and smaller wildlife. Elephant and Buffalo have been known to cross the path that we follow, but we may only see their tracks, as the majority of their movements are under the cover of darkness. We have some short breaks en route before reaching our camp in the afternoon. There is some time to relax before dinner. We then settle for our first night under canvas.

Start height: 1950m Day

Distance: 7km

Height gain: 718m

Total Distance: 7km

End height: 2668m

Wish us luck! Sarah and Jason.

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