Creating a Robust Coaching Contract

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Within Zircon, some of our leading Executive Coaches have pulled together some key steps for creating a robust coaching contract. Indeed, Nigel Sargent, Deborah Barleggs and Dr Amanda Potter propose that in order to make your executive coaching a success in your organisation you should:

1. Define the Requirement – The organisational lead defines the coaching requirement. The coaching/consulting lead should provide inputs and suggestions.

2. Identify Suitable Experienced Coaches – Ask the consulting/coaching company to provide a list and profiles of the potential coaches

3. Create a Matching Process – The matching should process take place. This is also called a chemistry meeting between coach/coachee. A phone/skype call can often be suitable to save resources and time.

4. Brief the Line Manager – The organisational lead briefs the coachee’s line manager, so that there is a clear understanding of the expected outcomes, reasons and purpose of the coaching.

5. Agree Expectations – The coach and coachee meet to agree the coaching plan, aspirations and desired outcomes. (This will be for the first 20 minutes).

6. Involve the Line Manager – The Coach, Coachee and Line Manager then meet to discuss coachee’s development opportunities and their readiness for coaching. The line manager leads at first to outline his/her support and belief in the coaching process, the coach then outlines the proposed coaching process, discusses the tools that might be used (360s, psychometrics, etc). They collectively agree the proposed outcomes and clarify the expectations (A further 20 minutes is often sufficient for this).

7. Gain Buy In – At this point the coachee is given the opportunity to say whether they are or are not engaged. Assuming the coachee is engaged they then have the opportunity to negotiate and agree their development opportunities and outcome expectations.

8. Agree the Level and Type of Feedback – During the meeting, the Coachee, Coach and Line Manager should agree what the feedback process to the line manager looks like during the coaching process.

9. Start the Coaching – The line manager leaves and the first coaching session begins.

For further information about this coaching proposition and others, please contact Dr Amanda Potter 01737 555 862.
Written by: Amanda Potter, CEO

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