Zircon and HSBC Kilimanjaro Journey – Part 3 of 3

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The last training weekend between HSBC and Zircon was in May, and about 1/3 of the group were able to make this weekend. We were awoken at 3am (yes 3 in the morning!) to do a 2-3 hour walk to get use to getting up in the dark, preparing kit and walking as a group. This was great experience for the group and we were all back tucked up in our sleeping bags at 7:30 am and slept for a couple of hours before walking again for the rest of the day.

As you would expect in Wales it rained a lot that weekend but amazingly most of the rain came when we were in our tents and there was only about 30 minutes when we were outside in the rain which was on the Sunday morning.

During all of the between times we had to think about what kit we need, what to but, what to eat. For some of us we have had to have a whole set of vaccinations, I have had 6 sets from my local doctors surgery as all of my expired about 12 months ago. Sarah, suffers from Asthma so has sought advice on medication to take to help her during the trek.

You also need a visa to travel to Tanzania and this is obtainable from the Tanzania high commission in London and takes 10 days by post or you can go to the high commission in person to deliver your application in person and then collect it a couple of days later.

So here we are now with less than 30 days to go and, for us everything is in place and we are ready to go. I have a short weekend break planned in Chamonix 10 days before departure where I hope to get up to 4000m high to aid my acclimatisation before departure.

This has been an amazing experience for both of us. We have made so many new friends who we will stay in touch with. We have also learned so much more about ourselves, who we are and how to deal with different situations. We have received some lovely feedback from people going on the trip and how we have helped them both personally and professionally.

As a group we have raised over £90,000 for Marie Curie Cancer Care and I am sure by the time we depart that this will have exceed £100,000.

I would say to anyone who is offered the opportunity to take part in any personal challenge, take that opportunity, you will gain so much from it, you will learn about yourself and other people and you will be able to feel good about making a difference to many other people’s lives.

Please come back and visit our blog again where we will keep you posted about our 10 day adventure where we hope to stand on the roof of Africa on 29th June 2011.

Jason Roberts, Director of Coaching

GOOD LUCK Jason and Sarah – love from Amanda, Julie, Sarah G, Sally and Melissa. We all think you are a little mad! xx

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