HSBC and Zircon Kilimanjaro Journey – Part 2 of 3

June 6th, 2011 by Sarah Green Leave a reply »

The first Zircon and HSBC Kilimanjaro training weekend was held from the 6-8 February and for some people it was the first time they had been under canvas for at least 20 years. Even for some of us more experienced outdoor people, living out of a single bag proved to be a challenge, especially trying to remember where everything was. The fitness levels varied across the group and the concept of walking and ascending mountains slowly, as we will need to on Kilimanjaro, proved a challenged.

The most important thing we learned from that first weekend was how quickly we all gelled as a group and some long lasting friendships were starting to form.

After the first training weekend, I had my own fund raising event down in Dorset. We had arranged a party night in our local Masonic hall. I was completely overwhelmed with the support we had for this event. Our entertainment was provided by the SAS Duo (Shaun Knight and Steve Whale) and they did not take a fee as Marie Curie is close to their own hearts as well as ours. We also had some amazing donations for auction and raffle prizes from Health Club Membership through to Sailing and Car Services.

With over half of my sponsorship raised at this one event I headed off to the next Black Mountain training event in good spirits and looking forward to meeting up with some of the group again. The March training weekend had the most number of walkers on it, there were 2/3 of the group able to make this event along with some of the senior leadership team who came down and walked with us for a day of the weekend.

At the March training weekend, I ran a session on Resilience for the group and we watched some clips from “Touching the Void” and Joe Simpson’s amazing story of survival against all of the odds. Whilst we will not be putting ourselves in that extreme danger some of the thought processes and approaches to dealing with difficult situations proved invaluable to the group… to be continued

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