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June 2nd, 2011 by Sarah Green Leave a reply »

The market is definitely turning. The Zircon Directors, Amanda Potter, Sarah Linton and Julie Lee have been delighted with the number of projects we have delivered during 2010 to 2011 and the number of consulting days delivered each month. We are doing what we can to continue to build our partnerships, forge new client relationships and manage great projects. It is surprising and amazing how many days we have delivered this year for our clients. Thank you everyone.

As we grow our focus is still both in the Consulting and Resourcing areas. In addition to our core consulting team and Directors, we have been able to give work to 52 Business Managers and extended Associate Consultants this year. Out of those 52 Associates and Business Managers, here are the top 15 people in terms of the number of days delivered from April 2010 to March 2011:

1. William Shearer
2. Chris King
3. Frances Thomson
4. Andy McBurnie
5. Jim Bloomfield
6. Dirk Murray-Palm
7. Kathy Mearing
8. Simon Crawford
9. Richard Cooper
10. Marie O’Neill
11. Claire Bremner
12. Louise Simpson
13. Amelia Wise
14. Jacquie Brazier
15. Carl Warner

Zircon would like to thank all those you who have delivered consulting days for us this year. We are lucky to have such a devoted and hard working Business Manager and Consulting team, thank you. Amanda, Sarah, Julie, Jason, Melissa, Sally and Sarah G.

Written by: Amanda Potter

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