HSBC and Zircon Kilimanjaro Journey – Part 1 of 3

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With only 21 days to go until Sarah Linton and I (Jason Roberts) depart for the big Kilimanjaro adventure with HSBC it seems like a good time to reflect on the journey we have come along since we first signed up for the challenge back in October 2010.

It only seems like yesterday that Amanda called me and Sarah to see if we were “interested” in joining the HSBC challenge. Without a moments hesitation we said “Yes”. Climbing mountains is something I have been passionate about for over 20 yeas and I love a challenge.

Within a week we were in HSBC head quarter’s meeting some of the other people who were joining the challenge and we had our first meeting as a group, the group has grown since this first meeting and there are now 30 people who will be leaving for Tanzania on the 22 June, in 30 days time.

So the challenge was agreed and we then started to understand what the full extent of what we had signed up for. We had to raise £3,300 each as part of our sponsorship commitment. Now with all of these types of challenges there is a cost associated with doing this adventure so I decided that I would pay for the costs of the trip myself so that everyone I approached for sponsorship I could tell them that all of their donation would go to the charity.

With Sarah’s and my background in coaching, team development, psychometrics and leadership both on and off the hill, we agreed to work with the group to help build a strong team and help them both up the mountain and back in the work place. With this being a charity event we donated our time to supporting the climbers.

As part of the development of the team 3 training weekends were booked in the Black Mountains in South Wales, in February, March and May 2011.

Before the training weekends started there was a kick off meeting in Canary Wharf for all of the people who would be joining the climb, followed by an exhibition of Art and a drinks and nibbles evening to start the fund raising. With this in mind and in order to boost the events, my wife Felicity Roberts who is a degree student at Bournemouth University bought along some glass and ceramic pieces from some of the students and staff at the university. The agreement was that all items sold, half of the money raised would go to the artists to cover their costs and the other half would go to the charity.

This event was one of the highlights for me and we had some interesting moments, driving through central London. As you would expect security was very tight in Canary Wharf and as we had a boot full of boxes with delicate art in, we had some interesting and delicate checks to go through every box, but everyone was very supportive and we made it through and set up the exhibition. We raised over £3,000 on that evening which was to be the start of great things … To be continued..

Written by Jason Roberts, Director of Coaching, and passionate mountain climber!

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