The Ten Strangest Interview Questions

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Within Zircon, we use Aspirational Interviews, Situational Judgement Interviews, Competency Interviews and even High Potential Interviews, however we have never used some of the following 10 strangest questions asked of candidates. 

Have you ever been at a job interview where the interviewer threw a curveball at you? Or do you, when you hire, ask unusual questions?

Recruitment firm IntaPeople sifted through thousands of questions shared by users of career community website within the last 12 months before deciding on the top ten.

We’ve got the list of the ten most unusual questions posed by businesses up and down the country. They range from the most abrupt to the downright confusing.

The top ten most unusual interview questions:

1. How many jelly beans will fit in a Boeing 777? (Asked by Capgemini)

2. What is the probability of you walking out of this room and seeing someone without the average number of legs? (Asked by Deutsche Bank)

3. What’s the total number of neurosurgeons in Britain? (Asked by Ernst & Young)

4. Why are you here? (Asked by Barclays Bank)

5. Do you believe in reincarnation? (Asked by Computacenter)

6. Tell me about three people who dislike you. (Asked by Morse)

7. How many farmers are there in China? (Asked by Merrill Lynch)

8. Which Simpsons’ character are you most like? (Asked by Landmark Information Group)

9. In which of these shops would you invest in the short term – a bakery shop, a lamp shop or a flower shop? (Asked by Booz & Company)

10. Tell me something that I haven’t heard a hundred times before. (Asked by Bloomberg)

Written by: Jason Hesse and adapted by Sarah Green

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