Zircon shortlisted as Finalist for Croydon’s ‘Best Business for Sustainability’ Award 2011

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Earlier this week Zircon was shortlisted as a finalist for the Croydon Business Award ‘Best Business for Sustainability’.  We were very excited to receive this news, especially as Zircon is passionate about promoting and actively demonstrating ‘green’ ways of working.  

Amanda Potter (Owner / Director of Zircon) has always personally endorsed environmentally friendly ways of living and has had a personal interest in green issues for several years. It was therefore a natural step for Amanda to incorporate this into Zircon’s business strategy. Zircon is therefore not an organisation which seeks to only maintain green policies as a result of social expectations. Instead Zircon aims to exceed these expectations everyday by actively seeking to minimise our impact upon the environment and ultimately encourage all members to behave in a sustainable way.

Whilst being green is so important for the future of our planet, we also believe that it goes ‘hand in hand’ with being financially successful as a business. Below are the main ways in which we achieve our ‘green’ standards whilst also remaining as a successful business:

  • Remote Working Organisation; Zircon employees are actively encouraged to work from home, hence reducing our carbon foot print whilst also keeping travels costs for the client to a minimum. The Zircon team are therefore avid supporters of telephone conferencing, webinars and Skype. 
  • Sourcing Professionals Locally; Zircon have an ever expanding pool of associates from all over the United Kingdom, and also in Hong Kong, India, Australia and United Arab Emirates. This reduces the need for long haul journeys, benefiting the environment as well as the client by ensuring that they have local access to Zircon HR Professionals and Psychologists.
  • Public Transport; When travelling to local client sites, our associates are encouraged to use public transport or to car share. Taking public transport allows our associates to prepare for important meetings, hence making the most efficient use of their time and which ultimately benefits the client.
  • Paper Saving; Zircon only prints documents when absolutely necessary. Instead we prefer to provide electronic copies of our reports, either via email or loaded onto Zircon branded flash drives which are re-useable and sustainable.
  • Leading by Example; Zircon endeavors to demonstrate a strong ‘green’ ethic to our clients. We actively encourage our clients to reassess how the projects we support, will ultimately impact upon the environment and their own sustainability aspirations.

We are therefore so proud to have been shortlisted for this award. Amanda Potter and Sarah Linton (Directors) have already been interviewed by the award sponsor ‘ITC Concepts’ who won the award last year. It was exciting to be able to talk about our green policies to ITC Concepts who share the same enthusiasm for sustainability. 

There are 6 finalists for the award, and we will be attending the awards ceremony on the evening of Wednesday 13th April. It will be great to meet other local organisations who are passionately involved in protecting our environment and promoting green ways of working.

 If you wish to know more about this, please visit http://www.croydonbusinessawards.co.uk/croydon_award_categories.php

Written by: Melissa Tyson, Occupational Psychologist

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