How to make your Leadership Development Programme a Success

March 10th, 2011 by Amanda Potter Leave a reply »

How can you make your leadership development programme a success?

According to the Harvard Business Review, in order to create an integrated and successful leadership development programme to develop top talent, organisations need to:

* Embrace succession planning
* Involve board members
* Insist that managers share top performers
* Remove the glass ceiling

Within Zircon we also believe that a great Leadership Development programme also considers:

* Assessment, Development and Executive Coaching
* Work Based Performance and Leadership Potential
* Future Business Requirements
* Behaviours, values, aspirations, motivations and emotional intelligence

In companies where leadership development really works, it is not a stand-alone activity. It is a core process of the business, leadership development and learning is dyed into its very fabric.

Source: Growing talent as if your business depended on it (2005). Harvard Business Review.

For more information about the Zircon methodology to Leadership Development please contact Dr Amanda Potter 01737 555 862.

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